Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hmm...Now what?

*whistles random tune to self* Feeling pretty lonely here. Not much new happening on Blogger now. No posts from my friends, no comments. I guess everyone's on some sort of vacation or something, huh?

Now that I've finally seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (with sadly no one to discuss it with besides my sibs. We've already done plenty of that, though), what do I have to look forward to? How can I keep myself occupied? (Besides blogging, that is.)

Well, at least I've made a few more good edits to my book. Little by little, I just might make it. I think I've finally fixed my prologue. For those who've read it before (it was sooo many posts ago), it has changed quite dramatically. No longer is the prologue about a dark and stormy night, or the Warlock, or even "creeping creepers". I changed it to reference another part of my story, one that I think makes a lot more sense.

Hey, I haven't shown you guys anything Imazia related in the longest time. Maybe it's time I did. For those out there reading this now, here's my prologue. Say anything you want about it. I don't think I want to edit it anymore, because it's as close to perfect as I can get.

And btw, if you have seen Harry Potter 6 by now, please go back a post and comment me afterwards? I really want to talk HP with someone. It was so awesome!
In the beginning, there had been nothing. But then, something strange had happened. Something different. Why? Why now? And, perhaps more importantly, what for? Magenta Carmine Roberts had no way of answering these questions in her present predicament. All the same, these questions and more continued to buzz around in her head as frantically as they had the first moment she'd fallen into her bottomless pit of despair.
She was indeed, literally, free-falling and tumbling through a pit of total emptiness that never seemed to end. She had no clear perception of time, so she could have been falling for ten minutes, or an hour, or twenty-four hours. She couldn't be a hundred percent sure. Her eyes had been shut in fear for much of the time.
Presently, however, the young teenager realized that she didn't feel like she was falling anymore. Opening her eyes, all the girl could see was that she was surrounded by an infinite expanse of a pure, blank, glowing whiteness. Whether you looked up, down, or all around in any direction you chose, the view looked exactly the same. She could float as easily as if she were underwater. The space around her was so empty that she couldn't even be sure she was facing the right way up.
Magenta looked down at her feet. She was standing on empty air. There didn't seem to be any floor rushing up to meet her. She wondered what would happen if she ever did meet up with the ground. Then she decided she'd rather not think about that. So all she could do was float, and wonder, and wait... wait... wait...
The problem was that she didn't know what she was waiting for. Was she in heaven or something? Barring the absence of iconic angels or pearly gates, it seemed to fit, only she didn't distinctly remember dying at any point. Maybe she was dreaming? A hard slap on her arm told her no, she was not asleep. Like it or not, this was her reality. Her hands slowly clenched into fists.
"Is this what I get? Huh? Is this what I get for trying to help somebody?!" She cried as soon as the empty silence had become too much for her to bear. But she didn't receive an answer. Her words didn't even produce an echo in the emptiness. There were no walls for them to bounce off of. Not a single, solitary sound could be heard in this bottomless abyss. Of course there couldn't. There was nobody there but herself. She was completely alone.
"Okay. Calm down, Maggie. You've gotta pull yourself together now. You'll get through this," said Maggie, taking several deep breaths. Now that the silence had finally been broken, it didn't seem to matter that she was thinking out loud to herself. No one else was around to hear her. Besides, hearing her own, clear voice pierce the emptiness around her had comforted her a great deal. It was the only thing that felt... real to her.
Maggie cleared her throat. "Alright. Gotta think now. What am I doing here? There has got to be a reason why this is happening to me," she reasoned. No one confirmed or contradicted this. No matter. She kept on talking. "Maybe if I can figure out how I got here, I'll be able to find the way out."
So Maggie started to think. What else could she do in that place? She thought and thought very hard. When had been the exact point that everything had turned topsy-turvey? What had been the cause of all this? She started searching through her most recent memories, searching carefully for the event that had started it all...


Rainy said...

That was pretty interesting. I love how a book would start out at the end, then really start in a flashback sort of way. . .

And it's taking all my willpower not to scroll down and read that Harry Potter post. I really want to see the movie!

Magenta said...

Thanks for commenting, Rainy. I was beginning to think I myself was talking to an empty, echo-less space. But I guess I'm not making any noise anyway, I'm just writing...
Never mind.

Anyway, glad you seem to like my prologue. ^_^ But I'm not exactly starting my story in the end. It's actually closer to the beginning than you might think.

Good luck with the will-power thing. ^,~

Deb said...

Hey Magenta! Thought I'd mosy on over and see what you were thinking about :) I did see HP6 and I loved it. Whoever the casting director is deserves a raise. There isn't a character in the movie who isn't well cast. And the movies just keep getting better and better.

Magenta said...

Hey Deb! I love moseying visitors! Hope I see more of you, too.

Loved all the HP characters. I thought Slughorn was particularly funny!