Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Much Happiness, Have I!!!

Sorry for the Yoda talk. But as my family and some of my closest friends knows already, I have been incredibly lucky to win a very special contest!!! One of my big-time author idols, James Dashner, set it up. He was giving away a signed and personalized ARC of The Maze Runner (well, at first it was one, but then he saw how many people wanted it and upped the ante a little!) to a lucky, random commenter who followed him and wrote about the last book they'd read. For full details, here are the two relevant links:

Where I found about the contest (I can barely believe the almost 100 comments Dashner recieved... though at the same time I wasn't much surprised. ;P)

This book has been incredibly hyped up about, especially on James' own blog ;P. It's even already being published in a few foreign languages! It will hit shelves sometime in October, but lucky me, I'll know what happens before most everyone else! I've sent James my address so he can mail the book to me. I can barely wait to get it! I actually had some trouble emailing him, because this message kept popping up. Turns out it was some silly email-filter trouble! 0,o

I'm also feeling pretty good, because I emailed a special someone that I'm probably going to stay close friends with forever... ^,~

Thanks, everyone, for all the support and congratulations I've so far recieved on my big win! It's all certainly made my day, perhaps even my week!!!
Must say that I'm also pretty happy that I saw Coraline today for the second time ever. I saw it with my parents this time. I hope they enjoyed it, because I'll admit that in some parts the kids show off some mean attitude. I love these kind of movies, but sometimes I feel funny when I've already seen it and I'm showing it to my parents because I recommended it highly to them. Like, I know what happens, and as I watch I keep wondering if they're getting a good impression from it.

Well, I think that's enough for now. I'm still pretty awful happy!!!


J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ Congratz I'm so so excited for you!!! ^.^ I can't wait for you to get it!!!

Laura said...

It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Maze Runner won't be waisted on you. Just don't tell us everything that happens- only tell us how much we want to read it too- that way we can be jealous for a good two months.

I hope you love it.

Laura said...

I can't believe I spelled wasted wrong. If it helps, my son came in and started talking while I was writing.

I know, lame excuse...

Rainy said...

So cool, you so deserve it! Congrats!

Silvergal said...

Congrat's Bettina, I am SO happy for you...I know how much you wanted it...xoxo