Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HP6... Such an Excellent movie!!!


Yeah, that's all I can say. Not just because this movie was awesome, but also because I'm pretty surprised that I'm the only one to review Harry Potter first. Oh well.

If you've been unlucky enough to not have seen the movie yet, I suggest you save reading this post for later, like after you do watch the movie, because I'm going to post some spoilers. But if you have seen this latest Harry Potter film, then you are welcome to read through my opinions and perhaps comment to let me know whether we share any of those opinions.
*****SPOILER ALERT!!!*****
After all the previews were through (Unfortunately they were all from movies I've already seen trailers for. Fame, New Moon, Shorts, 2012. 2012 was really scary in the theater. Pretty awesome), I really liked the opening to Harry Potter 6, because it starts out sooo quiet, and then you see the title and hear the music and somehow you know that the film is going to carry out your every expectation. And it did. Well, with some surprises sneaked in, too.

When the Death Eaters are swooping through the streets of England to get to Diagon Alley, it was really cool because the camera's sweeping motions made it seem like you yourself were flying, kind of like in the IMAX movie I saw in Boston. And then the muggle bridge being broken apart so violently, really awesome.

I didn't really get why Harry was trying to look cool with that waitress. But I guess it was to show from the beginning how the wizard boys were starting to think a lot about girls now. Soon after Dumbledore meets him at the train station. I suppose it made a better scene than Dumbledore picking Harry up from the Dursleys. I did really like the scene where we meet Professor Slughorn. He was funny as an armchair. ^_~ I also thought it was cool when Harry goes straight to the Burrow and is hugging Ron and Hermione. Shows how such good friends they are. ^,^

Let's see... Fred and George's Weasley's Wizard Wheezes looked like an awesome wizard joke shop. For some reason, I could hear Umbridge's voice saying, "I will have order." I wonder why? It was funny when Fred and George wouldn't let Ron buy something for less, even if he's their brother. Like, they speak at the same time, "5 galleons." "But I'm your brother." "10 galleons!" Ha ha.

When Harry spies on Malfoy on the train, and Malfoy catches him, it almost really hurt me when Draco stamps on Harry's nose. He definitely wasn't the petty school bully anymore. He was mean. But lucky thing Luna showed up and found Harry. Though instead of fixing his bloodied face, I think she gave him a really bad nosebleed. Ick.

The potion lesson with Slughorn was great. All the girls were attracted to the smell of love potion. ^,^ And when Harry and Ron look in the cupboard for their books, there's a new copy and an old one (the Half-blood Prince one) and they fight over who gets the new one. Obviously, for those who read the book, Harry gets the battered one. With the book's helpful notes, he makes the perfect potion for Slughorn and gets the luck potion. Poor Hermione. She looked so frazzled and tired. And everyone gave Harry such jealous looks.

I was so happy that Quidditch was back after 2 movies without it. (In other words, 5 years with no cool Hogwarts Quidditch games. The fourth one had the Quidditch World Cup, but that absolutely did not count because you never even see the match! What an outrage! Hmph.) It was really funny when Harry pretends to slip Felix Felicis into Ron's drink, and Luna catches it so seems to spoil it. But then Ron drinks it and has such a confident look on his face (quite the improvement to his prior mood) and he's all, "Let's do it, Harry!" And he makes such cool saves as a Keeper.

Soon after though, they cut straight to the victory party. Too bad there wasn't any showing Harry catching the Snitch or anything, to show the game actually ending. Oh well. I liked that Ron and Hermione didn't fight about the fact that Ron didn't drink lucky potion. Harry just whispered it to Hermione, and I guess Ron never found out.

All the lovey-dovey stuff is hilarious in this movie. Harry and Ron's stiff conversations about love are pretty funny. Lavender, Ron's "girlfriend", is absolutely crazy in my opinion. So girly and ridiculous. She lovingly makes that foggy heart on the train...? I wonder why she was ever interested in him anyway? Hmm. And you can tell how jealous Hermione is. So sad. I especially loved it when Ron eats all those chocolates and becomes infatuated with Romilda Vane. He looks absolutely goofy! But then later when Ron says Herione's name in his sleep, it's so sweet.

Oh, and all the dark, serious parts of the movie are awesome too. I can now see the reasoning behind showing just two memories, where Dumbledore meets the young Tom Riddle (even as a little kid, Voldemort is creepy!) and the teen Riddle asks Slughorn about Horcruxes. The scenes with Malfoy in them were fascinating, because you see him actually as a person, with a really tough job to do. When Harry and Draco fight in the bathroom, I was a little scared to see what the Sectum Sempra spell would do to Malfoy, but it didn't turn out to be so bad.

What was really quite funny was when Harry drinks lucky potion to get the memory from Slughorn, and he brightly says, "I'm going off to Hagrid's!" I could tell that Ron and Hermione clearly thought him crazy. Definitely an lol moment is when Harry is at Aragog's funeral. Hagrid says how people don't really take to spiders, probably the eyes put them off. And Harry says, "Yeah, not to mention those pincers. Click click click!" He makes his fingers look like pincers near his mouth, and just looks silly! You've just got to see it to laugh at it!

The best part was near the end, when Harry goes with Dumbledore to get the locket Horcrux. I thought it would be weird with Dumbledore crying and begging Harry to stop feeding him potion, but it wasn't weird. What was strange was that the Inferi (those zombie people) reminded me of the character Gollum from Lord of the Rings. (I never got into LOTR, unfortunately, but I know enough of the characters and parts of the story.)

It was funny; I actually jumped when Harry put his hand in the water and an arm jumps up and grabs him! That was the only time I was ever really scared I could feel for Draco when he has to kill Dumbledore, but he ultimately doesn't. He's no assasin. And I know I was expecting Dumbledore's death, but still, the way Snape kills him... was so sudden. I didn't cry for his death like I thought I would, but it was sad anyway.

Listen, for my first ever viewing of this movie, I thought it went over really well. It soothes the hearts of die-hard HP fans who have waited practically 2 years for something new. Even though a lot of stuff was different and plot points switched around, watching this film felt strangely like reading the book again. I don't think any other movie made me feel that way before. It just felt like it had JK's wonderful mix of humor and darkness that make her books so popular.


Sorry I made such a disjointed review of all the parts I liked. I just wrote them how they came to me. Like I said on top, you're more than welcome to comment me and tell me what you thought of the movie yourself. That, or you can put a link to your own review (if you've written one yet, that is).


Anonymous said...

Love this! I agree I saw it yesterday and was thrilled and I do love how the familiar theme song is played you just know this is it--here we go!

I adore all the movies depsite any weird or changed things, they all do so good in theatres and to just see them gives me chills like I read the books! =D

Magenta said...

Thanks, Sara. Finally I have a taker!

I love all the HP movies. Some more than others. I think I liked each one best when I first saw them in the theater. Two years have passed since the last new HP though, so I've had plenty of time to get bored with the first 5. I guess that's why I'm of the present mind that H-BP is the best movie yet.

I do truly think however, that in my total experience of watching Harry Potter movies, I never felt the way I did when I read the corresponding book until I saw this one.

Magenta said...

Hmph! I can't believe it! Just now I found out that someone anonymous dared to comment and write bad things about HP6!

I got rid of the comment immediately, so there is no proof of the intruder, but still... urghhh! You wouldn't believe the horrible things he/she said about Half-Blood Prince! >,< I just had to take it down.

I'm glad whoever it was kept his/her profile anonymous. If you've got your own, negative feelings about a movie, that's... okay. But please, think about what you're writing! There's a nice way to say anything!

Anonymous said...

I love this movie sooo much but I really want to know what the name of the song is during Ron's Victory party!!! If you find out PLEASE let me know!!