Monday, April 13, 2009

Lots of stuff

Well, first of all, for those faithful followers, it's my fourth monthiversary! Whoop-de-doo. ^,~ I've been blogging for a third of a year now. Nice cause for celebration.

This doesn't have a lot to do with my monthiversary, but in case you didn't notice, in my ongoing effort to improve the coolness of my blog I have added a couple new gadgets to my sidebar. It's really awesome. Two new countdown clocks (counting down the days remaining until Mother's Day and when Pendragon #10 comes out, respectively) and a very interesting refrigerator magnet gadget! I think you can write out messages on it and save it. These things I got at I tell you, the clocks there are much more awesome than those SpringGadget clocks I've been using for a while. I wonder what else I can count down to...

This morning I've been trying to get another gadget from FreeFlashToys... a pet monkey that wanders around my blog, so cute ^,^... but it won't work. I wonder what's wrong with that?

I also played Monopoly with Annette and Adam today. But just like the last time we played, it was not a pretty game for Adam or me. As you can deduce, my twin sister took over the game. It wasn't fair >,<. The trouble started when she bought both Boardwalk and Park Place, and then built on them.

When Adam landed on P.P. with two houses, he had to forfiet. And in the rules it says that if you declare bankruptcy, you have to give everything you own to the person you owe. So Annette had over 2/3 of the board. I choked soon after. Well, our rule is that whoever wins a boardgame has to clean up afterwards, so there! He he. *weak laughter* Hey, so what do you think of this picture over here? Wouldn't it be fun if this game was real?

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