Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pre-Pesach/ Passover

So today is the morning before Passover eve. Passover is one of my favorite jewish holidays, because part of it resembles Thanksgiving. I like to eat, and I hardly ever gain weight. I'm a lucky girl with my fast metabolism. ^,^ Already we've made some preparations for tonight. My mom and I have been preparing some vegetarian dishes that involve lots of soaked nuts. Our seder meal is going to be completely raw. No cooking whatsoever. My mother is having a lot of fun with this, I imagine.

Now on passover, you're not supposed to have any bread or baked goods or anything that has to do with leavening, like pasta and cake and pastries and all sorts of stuff. Instead, you eat this flat, perforated, cracker like food we call matzah. (Of course, it's confusing how the word is actually spelled. Matzo, matzha, whatever. I'm keeping it simple though, with matzah. That's how you pronounce it, anyway.) You can only eat this, because it's part of the whole Passover story. I'll explain that later tonight, maybe, for those friends who are curious about this holiday ^,^.

Yesterday though, it was Pizza day! We've waited a long time to make our delicious home-made pizza pies for a long time, and it's cool that we were still able to make them. It was a lot of fun, because we decided to take a Flip movie of Annette and I stretching the dough and putting on the toppings. It's totally informal, like a home-movie, but it was awesome.

So... there's not much else to tell. Later tonight I should be able to write all about the seder. Unless it goes on late into the night. Then I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Let's hope that it doesn't come to that!

On a happy sidenote: I've got 8 followers now. That's pretty darn cool. Some people are paying attention to me for some reason, I don't know why. I love getting followers... and comments...


J.N. Future Author said...

hehe ^.^ It sounds way cool!

I don't have you followed...I only have James and Suzette followed because following seems more formal. That is why I have the "Respect Column" with everybody on there. ^.^ That way people can see who I like to hang out with

Q said...

I think I have ten followers, but I have a lot more on google reader. I don't know half of the people who, apparently, read my blog. :(

Brian said...

I follow all the blogs I read. It just makes it easier for me, so that I can see whose posted on my dashboard.

I like Matzah, but it's nothing compared to Charoset (Haroset, whatever. However you spell it.) My grandma makes the best Charoset there is! (But she's not visiting, so my mom's will have to do.)