Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Again, don't know the title for this.

There's so much I feel like blogging about, and I had a bunch of ideas for what I should put in the headline.

For example, "Twilight & the Twilight Zone," because last night I went to the library and I was finally able to pick up the movie Twilight, as well as a book I'm reading right now, The Fire Eternal. Twilight was really good the second time around, especially because we watched it with my mom this time. She seems to have enjoyed it, and now she feels like she understands what all the teenage mania is about. ^,~

It's really weird. I'm the only one who has read the entire saga, so I actually know more about the story than Annette and Adam. I don't know why Annette doesn't read the rest of the series, since I love it, but I suspect she doesn't want to get sucked in to the story. She did, after all, witness the spell cast over me for as long as I followed the series.

Also, Adam got a disc from the first season of The Twilight Zone, something we've gotten into recently, and I look forward to seeing those freaky episodes. Has anyone else watched the Zone before?

I also wanted to call this post "Pizza Day," because, despite it still being the month of April and not the first Tuesday of May, we made another couple homemade pizzas. Yeah, we put Prego sauce on it, (which made them extra tasty!) but besides that and the cheese, both pies were completely homemade. Tonight we went to the 99 cent theater and saw an awesome movie, Knowing, with Nicholas Cage. I'd heard of it before, thought it was dumb and violent, but it wasn't. It's this awesome story about Armageddon and big disasters.

I hope someone else I know has seen this, so I can talk about how great it was with someone actually understanding me. There was this intense plane crash that Cage's character witnessed on location (CGI most likely, but still) and the people were burning alive! *shudders* And this subway accident where people are run over and the trains get completely demolished!!! So scary! I mean, I wasn't scared scared, but it's lots of people dying. But the movie is really good. Trust me.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was how my penpal status was doing (though I don't know what I'd call the title if I did). A week or so ago, I sent emails to a couple girls I was interested in being friends with. Luckily, they both shared interest in me and are my pen pals. I hope neither of them mind me talking about them here. One girl is named Elizabeth, though she has allowed me to call her Liz. She lives in North Carolina. The other one is Jennifer (Jen to me) and she lives even farther up, in Michagan.

It's fun emailing them both. Over the weekend I thought Liz had forgotten about me, but it turns out she didn't. She might be reading my blog right now, so I really hope she likes it and comments me some time. For a couple emails, Jen and I traded riddles, but the ones I gave her were too tough, so we stopped. If you want to puzzle over some real head-scratching groaners, here's a really good riddle site I found.

Plus, a couple days ago, this guy from China contacted me. Mikey Xu. He wrote me this long, eloquent email that makes him seem real smart and wise, and I guess he wants to be my penpal. He said his English was self taught, but it was pretty good. I think he's going to move to America soon, so that's cool. I wrote him back, but he has yet to reply.

I think that's plenty for you guys to digest. I'll stop here now.


Q said...

I've seen a few episodes of the Twilight Zone. Some of them are really freaky, and some are just weird.

J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ so was twilight like the book for you?

shiichi said...

Hey, I'm just a passer by, but have you ever kept in contact with Mikey? :S

It's just that I have checked my old email address and found a penpal message from this guy, he seems too good to be true (fake?). So I've been googling out to find out and happened to find your blog.

Magenta said...

Hi shiichi. You're lucky I get my comments by email, otherwise I don't think I'd ever have gone back to this post. Man, how time flies...

Yeah, I honestly don't know what to think of this guy, Mikey. I emailed him a couple times and he sent me pictures of himself. He also said something about wanting to find a wife before he came to the USA.

He did sound too good to be true. Maybe I realized that when he never got back to me after a couple of days. After that I didn't feel like finding any more penpals. Didn't feel safe. So I took down my ad.

Hopefully you get this by email, so you'll know I answered you.

shiichi said...

Thanks for the instant reply. :)

In his long e-mail he sent me, he wrote that he wanted to come and live in the UK. I guess he was just another fake (I wasn't gonna mail back anyway, but I was curious who he was).

Yeah, I have took down all my penpal ads too, you do get a lot of weirdoes, but luckily I still have a few I keep in touch with (over 2 years!) :)

Thanks again!

Uk58 said...

Hi, i'm a passer by, you know Mikey Xu aswell, he's my boyfriend, he is not a fake person, he is truly genuine and kind, but I am curious, as to why he said to you that he wants to move to the Uk, he never said this to me and I live in England, i will ask him about this.