Saturday, April 11, 2009

UGH! I'm so Bored!

Honestly, I am. I'm so bored that I actually considered using that bored pink girl picture again, but I decided against it. I want most of the stuff on my blog to be new and fresh. Anyway, I think this suits me well too. I like using pictures that really fit the situation I'm in.

Anyway... so dang bored! I don't have anything to read anymore, and you guys know that this is usually a big factor in my boredom. This morning I woke up really early, like 7:00-ish, not knowing what to do. I checked my emails a few times, surfed the net for awhile... nothing exciting.

I'm ashamed of myself, because in another world I know that I would not have hesitated to use the quiet time I had to work in my story. But I don't feel properly motivated anymore! I don't know why! I would kind of like to work on it, but I hate thinking of all the thing I know are wrong with it, and I can't seem to get past that.

However, I haven't been doing absolutely nothing. The other day I started making a character profile on one of my favorite characters, Flora the elf. That's pretty fun. I'll probably work on more characters... maybe even show you how Flora is when I'm done... but I can't help thinking that I'm making this a big distraction from what I really (half) want to do.

A couple other things I did online today: Like Q observed, I was quick in my decision to get rid of my WordPress blog. Really, I didn't have any use for it at all. It would've been even more of a distraction. I'm stickin' with Blogger. (Of course, the WordPress themes sure did look awesome...)

Also (and this was completely out of the blue for me) I did a little searching for a penpal website yesterday and found something called Pen Pal Now or something similar. I was looking because I heard it mentioned that Adam might be interested in a PenPal, so I was searching for him at first. This morning I looked into it more and started browsing around myself, just looking around for like-minded people. Then, right on the fly, I put in my own PenPal ad to see if anyone will decide to email me. I don't know... maybe I'm being a bit selfish, but I'd really like to make some more friends. I mentioned that I have two blogs, so maybe someone will come to visit. Most likely not. But one can hope, right?

Just recently, like in the last hour, I decided to speed up the process a little and searched for a couple people that fit me the most, and... I emailed them. I just did it, like that. No turning back. They'll read what I sent them and may or may not reply to me. Complete strangers. I'm a little nervous. Has anyone ever done something like this before? If anything happens, I'll let you know right away.

BTW, my hand and arm are feeling so much better now. What a relief! I can curl my palm a lot easier, without it hurting, and I feel okay when I move my arm. They still do not look pretty underneath the bandages, but at least they're not causing me much pain anymore. I think that's a good sign.^,~


J.N. Future Author said...

I'm sorry you are bored! what if I told you a little secret

*pst* *leans in close* I got my computer back and I'm working on the Kendlespire edits

Brian said...


I'm glad you're hands are feeling better. Why don't you reread a book? I do that a lot to get rid of boredom.

Q said...

If you are worried about all the things you know are wrong with your book you can:

1. If you're not very far into your story, you can start over with what you know now and see if that refocuses it.
2. Do your best to ignore the faults and press forward.
3. Go back and fix all the nitpicky things that are bugging you.

If you choose number three, be VERY VERY VERY careful that you do not get so caught up in editing that you do not continue in your story! You will probably change the section you edit now later anyway, as your story grows. Keep this in mind if you choose to push forward.

However, I'm kind of stuck on my fantasy work right now, so I've moved to an older, realistic fiction project that's been nagging me. I just can't let my break last too long...

sofia-free ads said...

You feel bored and yet you entertain me.:-)