Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My SAT results

h man! Yesterday I totally forgot that I wanted to show you how I scored on my test! Personally, I think I did awesome. Well, in total it was 90 points better than my last SAT.
BTW, my essay score was the same as last time. Each reader gave me 3, for "Developing Mastery." Whatever that means. Well, I suppose I deserved that. Here is the essay subject and what I actually wrote all those weeks ago. Yep. Copied straight from online.
Prompt: Many people believe that being honest and honorable limits their options, their opportunities, their very ability to succeed. Unfortunately, in today's me-first culture, ethics may be the only thing people choose to live without! They believe they have only two choices: (1) to win by doing whatever it takes, even if it is wrong, or (2) to be ethical and therefore lose. Few people set out to be dishonest, but nobody wants to lose. Adapted from John C. Maxwell, There's No Such Thing as "Business" Ethic
Assignment: Does being ethical make it hard to be successful? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.
If mankind didn't have ethics of any kind, the world would most likely fall into chaos. We must believe that people are basically good and have certain values. Those few individuals who seek to disregard these values should be avoided. Even though they may think winning at all costs, even if they are the wrong ones, is the most important thing in life, these people cuoldn't be farther from the truth.
It musn't be believed that being unethical is the only way to succeed. Every day people see the news on T.V. and think what a terrible time we live in today. Companies going bankrupt, people getting hurt all the time, poloticians telling awful mendacities. But the world is not without it's ethics.
Think about different plots in adventure films, where the antagonist thinks only about world domination and his own benefits. But the villain never prevails, because the heroes havestronger ethics.Sometimes, when the bad guy is in trouble, he might stoop so low as to jettison their own when the going gets tough. The good guys would never think to abandon their friends.
In conclusion, the way of the world is not to be petty, dishonest or selfish. It's to look out for your fellow human being, to do what is right.

Yeah, sorry the conclusion is so short. I didn't have time to write anymore. Well, there you have it! The results of all my hard work on the SATs.

Another couple random notes: Today my family and I are going to the 99 cent theater to see Coraline! I'm pretty excited to see it. Adam thinks they're going to give out 3D glasses, but I doubt it. Not at our theater.

Also, I believe I had a very strange dream last night... I think it involved me going to Brian's house and meeting him and Jacoby together for the first time. But it was weird, because I thought it was Brian and Jacoby, somehow knew it was them, but I don't think they looked like themselves. Like, I know what Brian looks like from his picture, but it wasn't him, plus Brian lives all the way in Washington, so how can he and Jacoby be together? And Jacoby didn't have white hair, like he says he does now... (you should put a picture up soon, J.N. ^,~)

Another strange thing was that, in my dream, Brian had a sweet white dog that reminded me of a dog another friend of mine, Julianna, had. It was so cute, you could see it smile. But I have no idea whether Brian even has a dog! In fact, I'm certain that he doesn't. So, I don't know. It was just a dream. But strange, eh? ^,~

(Sorry I didn't dream about you, Q. I have absolutely no idea what you look like. ^,^)

Anyway, I very much hope that someday I can meet all my blogger friends for real, not just in my dreams.


Q said...

That was a short essay!

Magenta said...

Yeah, it only looks short because it's not in context. I tried really hard to get pictures of my actual essay with my original handwriting, but it was so much trouble that I gave up and typed it all out.

My essay covered a page and two lines of the next page. So it was a page+ long.

Brian said...

I don't have a sweet little white dog, but I have a crazy little white cat! I also have a big dog, who is incredibly lazy.

And I've never met Jacoby before. I wish I could've seen your dream. I wish I could meet both of you!

Magenta said...

Well Brian, I guess in my dream, your two pets were somehow combined into one! Little white cat + dog - cat = little white dog!

J.N. Future Author said...

I had a dream about Q and Brian once. but never you (yet). I hope to have a cool dream with you in it sometimes! ^.^

Now I'm going to go and write a post about dreams ^.^

J.N. Future Author said...

also, NICE test scores!!!