Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rollerboy 2

OMG, I used to love playing this game, Rollerboy2, as a little kid! I can't believe I found it again! Hahaha! Yayyyyy!

I never played the first Rollerboy, but I remember somehow picking this game up on some game website in the library, and just playing it all the time with my sister!

This old Java game still seems to hold up pretty well. Or maybe it's just my nostalgia for it at work... But you get to choose between a ninja boy and a dreadlock girl (I like the ninja better), and you collect gold rings, and bounce on green aliens/snakes/blob things to kill them, and, and... it's just so cool! ^_^

I hope I don't get addicted to it again... O_o

Edit: There doesn't seem like a way I can be addicted to this game again. There's something wrong with level 6 that won't let me play any farther. ~,~ Oh well. It's still as fun as I remember it. Just a little taste was enough anyway.


Key L'incendie said...

Heey, where did you found this game? I love it, but I never founded it again, I miss playing it =(
Can you post here the link?

Magenta said...

Hey, the link is in the blog. Just click on the pink text, and you'll get to it. :) Just so you know, the game runs on java, so I don't know if you'll be able to play it. Hope that helps.

Macy said...

Do you know if this game is still available? I can't find it anywhere

Magenta said...

If the link I supplied in the blog post no longer works, I don't know where else to find it. Sorry. :P