Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Crystals of Rock and Roll

(The title is kind of subject to change. I'm not sure what else to call it, though, and it's the best fit. =P)

Enjoy reading this play! You can either simply picture the scenes happening in your head, or you can make your own puppets and perform it yourself with friends! I don't mind. Just tell me about it, and let me know how well you like this story. ^_~

Introducing the players of our show:
  • Leslie (Me)
  • Tyler (Annette)
  • Isabella
  • King Elvis
  • Random
  • Some Dude
  • Guardian of Rock
  • Guardian of And
  • Guardian of Roll
  • Vampire gang
  • Flame


Flame: Hello and welcome, everybody! We’ve got a great show for you tonight. Just sit back, relax, and if any of you get out of your seats or don’t enjoy the show, I will personally come over there and rip your head off!
Tyler: Don’t worry, folks. Flame has anger management issues. She’s taking a workshop for that. I think...
F: Where are my assorted muffins? I’m about to lose it!
T: Oh, sorry! Coming!

(Scene 1, The Castle)

(Enter Leslie and Tyler)
Leslie: Isn’t it a wonderful day in the land of Oo?
T: Yeah, it sure is. What do you think we’ll do today?
(Alarm noises sound)
L: Oh no! It’s the alarm!
T: That must mean that something is wrong. We should go to the king and see what’s the matter.
(Enter a sickly-looking King Elvis)
L: King Elvis, what is happening?
King Elvis: (groan) I’m dying!
T: Oh dear! Is there anything we can possibly do for you, your majesty?
KE: (weak voice) Find me the Crystals of Rock and Roll.
(L and T gasp)
T: The crystals! Those will solve everything!
L: Don’t worry King, we’ll be on it. Let’s get our sister Isabella to come with us.
(Enter Isabella): Hi guys. What’s up?
L: Isabella, will you help us find the Crystals of Rock and Roll?
I: Sure. I’ll go get my things.
(L, T, KE and I all exit.)
(Enter Random): (whispers to audience) Banana.(R exits.)

(Scene 2, The Forest)

(Enter L, T and I)
I: So what is our first stop, anyway?
T: Well, we’re looking for the Crystals of Rock and Roll, so the first crystal we need to find must be Rock.
L: I sure hope we find it soon. This forest is creeping me out.
(Mysterious, scary hissing noise off-stage)
L: (gasp) What was that?
(Enter F, hissing)
L, T and I: Ahhh! A vampire!
F: Who are you, and how dare you intruders trespass on my forest?
T: We’re sorry! All we’re trying to do is look for the Crystal of Rock.
(Enter R) Banana!
L, T, I and F: Who are you?
R: I am Random. (Pause) Banana! (R exits)
F: Okaaaay... Anyway, did I hear you guys say you’re looking for the Crystal of Rock?
I: Uh-huh.
F: Oh, well it’s right over there.
L: Oh, thank you.
F: Can I go with you? I bet I can be of some assistance to you guys.
L: Yeah, sure. You can come along.
(All pretend to walk, approach Guardian of Rock, a tiger shaped statue)
T: Well, here’s the Guardian of the Crystal of Rock. The statue looks so life-like...
(Guardian roars. The 4 adventurers scream in surprise.)
Guardian of Rock: Who disturbs my slumber? Who are you puny mortals?
T: Um, we are, uh, Tyler the Humble, uh, Leslie the Meek, Isabella the Small, and...
F: And I am Flame. I don’t like you.
GoR: Silence! What is it that you seek?
L: We want the Crystal that you protect, to take back to King Elvis so he can be cured.
GoR: I will give it to you...IF...you say the magic word.
F: Magic word? What magic word?
T: I don’t know the magic word.
I: May we please have the Crystal of Rock, mister Guardian?
GoR: (Pause) Yes. Yes you may. Here.
I: Thank you!
GoR: You’re welcome. (GoR vanishes)
L: Wow, that was easy. On to the Crystal of And!
(All cheer “yay!” and exit)
(Vampire gang walks on-stage) We want blooooood!!!! (Vg exits)

(Scene 3, The Volcano)

(Enter L, T, I and F)
T: Look, it’s the Guardian of And!
(Enter Guardian of And, who is a phoenix) Hello. Are you looking for my crystal?
L, T, I and F: Yes, we are.
GoA: It’s at the top of my volcano here. Good luck! (GoA exits)
I: How do we get to the top of that volcano? It’s so hot and full of lava.
F: Well, I can fly up there and get it for you guys.
L, T and I: Really? You’d do that?
F: Sure. Why did you think I was called Flame? (F exits)
L: Well, I guess all we can do is wait for her to come back.
(Vg pops out) We want your bloooooooood!
(L, T and I scream. Random puppet fight/chase ensues)
(Flame comes back) Hey! No one tries to attack my friends, except for me! Hiss!
(Vg runs away)
T: Wow, thanks for saving us, Flame. That was a close one!
I: What about the crystal? Were you able to get it?
F: Sure, don’t worry. I have it right here.
L: Fantastic! We’ve got 2 of the crystals. Now, on to the...
(R pops out and immediately interupts) Banana!
I: On to the banana?
F: Hey, it’s you again!
(Enter Some Dude) You know, you should listen to Random.
R: That’s right. Banana! (R and SD exit)
L: As I was saying... on to the Crystal of Roll, everybody!
(All cheer “yay!” and exit)

(Scene 4, The River)

(Enter L, T, I and F)
F: When are we gonna be done with this stinking mission? I have a forest to protect.
T: All we need to do now is find the Crystal of Roll, and we can go home to heal King Elvis.
(Enter Guardian of Roll, a water guardian, on opposite side of stage.)
I: Oh look, there’s the guardian, on that little island over there. (shout) Hey, Mr. Guardian of Roll! Can we please have your crystal?
GoR2: Of course, my dear adventurers. If you are able to reach my island, you can have my crystal. Here’s a tip: none of you can get it on your own.
L: Hmm. How are we going to do this?
F: Er, don’t look at me. I’m not going to fly over there. I’m afraid of water. (Voice hardens) Don’t tell anyone!
I: I’m scared too. I’ll stay here with Flame.
L: Gee, then I guess it’s just up to you and me, Tyler.
T: Hey, I know! I’m a pretty tall guy. Maybe I can act as a bridge, and you can cross me and get the crystal.
L: Brilliant, Tyler! That’s teamwork!
(T lies down and makes a bridge, L walks on top of him to island)
GoR2: Good job, adventurers. You have done well. You may have the crystal of Roll.
L: Oh, thank you very much, sir!
GoR2: Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. These are shark-infested waters. You may want to ska-doodle. (GoR2 exits)
(Everyone screams, L rushes back to other side)
T: Hey, don’t forget me!
(L and friends pull T up just in the nick of time, before a shark pops out of the water and chomps him!)
I: Wow, that was a close one.
R: Banana!
L: Wha? You again?
SD: I’m telling you, you should really listen to Random!
R: Yeah, I’m warning you... Banana! (R and SD exit)
L: (sigh) Whatever. We have all the crystals, everyone! Now we can go home and save the king!
(All cheer “yay!” and exit)

(Scene 5, The Finale)

(Enter L, T, I and F)
T: Well, goodbye Flame. It was... nice, having you with us on our adventures.
I: Yeah, thanks so much for helping us and saving our butts!
F: Don’t mention it.
I: I mean, you were awesome when you...
(F interrupts) Eh-vur! (Flame exits)
L: Uh, bye. Well, looks like all we gotta do now is cure Elvis
(Enter KE, wheezing) What took you guys so long? I’m almost dead!
L: Quick Tyler, crush the crystals into a healing potion!
T: Right, I’m on it!
(T makes potion off stage, comes back, gives it to KE, who turns all better.)
KE: Elvis liiiiiiives! Uh-huh-huh! Thank ya, thank ya very much!
I: Haha, well I guess all’s well that ends we... whoa! (I slips on banana peel that appears out of nowhere) Ouch!
T: Oh my gosh, Isabella! Are you okay?
L: Huh... what the heck is a banana peel doing here, anyway?
(Enter R) I TOLD you about the banana, but would anyone listen to me? NO! No one ever listens to Random! Hmph!(R exits.)
(All puppets look at each other in confusion)
KE: (sings) That is the eeeeeeend!
(All puppets come out for a curtain call bow) Thank you, thank you very much!

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