Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My first ever screen-play!

While I was at camp this last week, I got to lead the kids in puppet making, and they helped contribute ideas for a whole puppet show!

My gosh, the imaginations on those children, you would not believe... crazy ideas flying all over the place! Funny character names, outrageous scenes... it was honestly all I could do to collect all of their precious nuggets, and turn them into a story that people could follow along! Annette helped me out a ton, writing the script...

After one or 2 brainstorming sessions with the kids, my twin and I sat down for a while and wrote an entire screen-play fit for an adorable puppet-show. Reading through it, the story only took several minutes to tell! Which is amazing, because it took us 2 hours or something to write! O_o

On Friday, we had a talent show, and we were to present this hilarious little story for the kids' parents and some other guests. When it was our turn to come up, though, I had no idea where the script was! *gasp!* We hadn't had that much rehearsal or preparation with the children, but we didn't have any time to look for the script. >,<

Well, the show went on, without our script. We had the kids improvise a lot, and clued them in when they forgot their lines. And you know what? The audience LOVED it!
I could hardly believe it, but we were a success! ^,^ The kids were fantastic. People liked the story!

It might be a bunch of nonsense, really, but I've decided to post the puppet-show script, after this post. Just for your entertainment. ^_~ Hope it makes you smile a little. Please let me know how you like it!

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