Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from camp!

Sorry, I have actually been back since Sunday. I've just been taking a while to get used to being home again... and not at camp anymore...

OMG, I honestly had the best fun ever! For my first time at a summer camp, it was amazing! It was the absolute perfect one for my brother, sister and me. I loved being a counselor, and hanging out with all the kids and other counselors/staff there. Everyone was so smart, and beautiful, and amazing, and funny, and friendly, and just plain awesome!!!

The camp itself was the best. The food was good. I learned a lot of stuff. I got to sleep in a tent for a whole week, which was pretty cool. Although sometimes it wasn't so cool. Our tent didn't keep rain out very well, and it stormed hard a few times. A lot of our stuff got soggy and ruined. Towels, our camera, a few books. Including one of my favorite journals. !,! *so sad*
That meant we had to share a tent with friends sometimes, then. =P But in a way, that was really cool too!!! I had some pretty cool friends to tent with. ^,^

(sigh) I'm really really really going to miss camp. I had so much fun every day. When I was there, it felt like I was there for a month instead of a week... but now that I'm home, it feels like I was only there for a day or something. Like it was all just a dream...

Happily, I plan on going back to that same camp resort in just a couple of weeks' time. For a different kind of event, not camp. I'll get to see some of my special friends again. ^_^ I can barely wait!

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