Friday, July 15, 2011

It's over...

Well, my brother, sister and I saw it. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2. We went to the midnight showing last night. (We purchased the tickets hours ahead, so we avoided the lines. ^,~)

Here is what I thought: this film, the last of the Harry Potters, was quite awesome in it's own right. It was extremely true to the book and was as action-packed as the trailers promised it would be. But you have NOT experienced the movie properly unless you were at the midnight showing!

Imagine, being part of an audience of teenagers and hyped up Potter-fans who cheered when the advertisements stopped showing, and whooped appreciatively every time something amazing and epic happened! I had such a blast! I don't believe I've ever done it before.

I can probably list all the times I heard the crowd make audible reactions:

During the previews, a trailer for "Breaking Dawn, part 1" played, and when Jacob took his shirt off... Well, you can probably guess. Team Jacob girls screamed and guys groaned. =P

When the Warner Bros. logo and Harry Potter titles appeared in the beginning. "Whooooo! Yeah! Let's get this thing started!"

Then there weren't many big reactions until closer to the end, with the big battle at Hogwarts and all. But I could appreciate how quiet the audience got when things got honestly suspenseful.

There was a great kiss that we reacted to ^_^ (I'm not saying whose kiss, in case you haven't even read the books), and then there was the very end, when the title came up that said "19 Years Later", just like it does in the book. Everyone whooped for that, because it's one of the things every Potter fan has been looking forward to!!!

My brother actually cried through the whole epilogue scene. !_! I wanted to cry too, but just couldn't. I remember years ago, when we read the book for the first time, that I'd cried in the end. I guess I just didn't feel sad. I felt happy, and content, and glad that the movie had been so well-made. Glad that I was finished.

It's over...

Well, until launches, that is... ^_~

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