Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harry Potter theme song! With lyrics!

This video is so darn awesome!!!

Are you at all stoked to see Harry Potter 7, Part 2? When it all finally ends? Well, I think that after you see this video, you'll become at least 10 times more excited for July 15th to come that much quicker. ^_~
Huh? Huh? What did I tell you?

On the one hand, the song is so epic! I love how well the lyrics fit in with the score! ^__^

On the other hand, I now have this song stuck in my head. =P That's because my sister and I listened to it over and over, AND OVER again, so we could write down all the lyrics to the song this guy wrote.

So know, witches and wizards. For your Potter-manic pleasure... karaoke anyone?
If you’re looking for a hero, you shouldn’t look to me. (Why me?)
I’m just a young kid, the "boy who lived" is just an identity. You see...
Just growing up is rough enough, and you want it done too fast (so fast)
And normalcy is not easy, when everyone knows your past

The wealth that I’ve amassed will help me pay for every class.
My quidditch broom is unsurpassed, but...
(Mum... and... Dad... died... they... tried... to... protect... me...)

If you’re looking for a hero, you shouldn’t look to me.
Before I can be who you for-see, I have to hit puberty.
I’m pretty sure my blood’s not pure, but that’s not the mystery
My mother’s son, the Chosen One, it’s all in the prophecy.
If you’re looking for a hero, you shouldn’t look to me.
And nobody knows I never chose to be a celebrity.

Everywhere I go they say “Hey, there’s Harry Potter!"
"That’s Harry Potter. Look at the Scar!"
"He’s attending Hogwarts with your son, with your daughter"
"The Harry Potter, so far."

After just one year he will become your friend Harry,
dear old friend Harry, though he could die!
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has returned and it’s scary,
for little Harry. Poor guy.

I can never seem to keep myself out of danger,
school’s always stranger, starting each fall!
With my friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger,
we will endanger you all.
Your call!

Through my childhood I was abused as an orphan,
used as an orphan, what can you do?
Little Thomas Riddle was another young orphan,
don’t let me morph into You-Know...

Can you say AVADA KEDAVRA?!

LOOORD Voldemort’s returning now he looks like a dead snake.
Go right ahead Snape, say you obey.
All of this is giving me the world’s biggest headache.
This kind of headache won’t go away.

WhoamIfooling? We’vehadenoughschooling.
TheDarkLordisruling! It’stimetostartduelling

Time has arrived to decide if we all take flight,
Voldemortisback, readytoattack!
And I’m still alive, choose a side and let’s stand and fight
steadyallyourwands, readyaresponse!

What we’ve learned, please don’t forget it,
Though the teachers haven’t said it
If you live it’s extra credit!

Teachershavetaughtus thespellstheyhaveshown‘em
There’s Stupify, Lumos, Expecto Patronum,
Petrificus Totallus, andthereisfarworse,
Then Expelliarmus, Avada Kedavra’s the worst of them.

Why is it so hard to find responsible teachers,
When the course features Dark Arts Defense?!
They try to attack me in the class, in the bleachers,
with evil creatures killed my... pa-RENTS!
Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor,

Voldemort wanted another wizarding war,
hewillneverquit, soul’salreadysplit (Doesn’ttakeahint)
Let’s settle the score, let us do it for Dumbledore!
We'llwintheday, we’retheD.A.!

Every Muuug-gle who has seeeeen us
knows the struuug-gle is betweeeen us.

So let’s gather all around here for the ultimate show-down,
Here is the low-down, kill or be killed!
We will fight forever neither of us will slow down
But one will go down, as billed,
(BIG build...)

You want immortality,
You don’t see the irony,
That for all eternity,
You’ll live on in infamy,

And now it’s just you and me!


My friend!
Neitherofussurvives while the other is living.
The end!
Thereisnowheretohide, everytrickthatyou’vetried, innocentpeoplehavedied!

And so where’s the love you got rid of? You might want to look within.
Look in my eyes, and realize, the GOOOD guys always WIN!

Whatcanyoupossiblydo? Wherecanyoupossiblygo?
Coulditbepossiblytrue? Howcouldtheprophecy knoooooow
ThatIwasthe heeeeeero!

Mum knew and dad knew and Dumbledore did too,
and all that we’ve been through, the magic and I knew
What you will knooooooow



Rainy said...

This is the same dude who did the Superman version of whatever he did here a while back. I recognized him instantly XD

Magenta said...

Yeah. His other theme songs are funny, but I think this is the best.

I know the whole thing by heart, and it's stuck in my head. >_<

Harry Potter 7, part two, for the win!!! ^_^

Gleidson C. Alves said...

I'm Brazilian, and like Harry Potter.
I liked of your post and of song!
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Harry Potter is my favorite! I have read all the books ten times or more and seen the movies ten times or more, also. I have memorized all the songs and now it is stuck in my head I am singing at school and guess what? Now all of my friends are into Harry Potter too and this song improved my life thanks!

Humaun Kabir said...

We really are the Harry Potter generation! From here on, people will never know what it's like to wait for a HP book or movie to be released. I hope future generations love HP just as much as we do :).

zoe sugg in harry potter

Rants Go Marching said...

I don't think my first post went through, so if it did, i apologize for re-posting, but it means so much when I come across posts or blogs like this. I love that the song "improved Hallie's life" :) Such dedication to write down all the lyrics. I've actually done the same thing on the youtube channel, compiled all of the songs into a playlist.