Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bye-bye, birdies... for real. ~,~

We've been talking about selling our birds for a long time. Now we've finally gone and done it. They're gone...

Sasha and Sammy, the 2 boy cockatiels Annette and I had owned for almost 6 years, are now out of our lives. We sold them to a nice couple yesterday. It was sad packing them up in their car, and seeing them drive away... I am really going to miss those little feathered rascals. ~,~

Some last photos that my mom kindly took, before the new owners came.
(Left = Sammy, right = Sasha, in all the pics.)

I mean, yeah, they used to screech really loud at times, and they used to drive us off the wall when we let them out of the cage to stretch their wings and they wouldn't come back down when playtime was over, and I don't need to mention cleaning up their poop...

But they were awesome pets. I loved taking care of those red-cheeked birds, laughing at their silly antics. They'd fight with each other sometimes (Hey, they're brothers. What're you gonna do? =P), and they sang really sweetly when they were in the mood. Cockatiels have the kind of beaks that make you think they're grinning all the time, so they always looked adorable and innocent. Whenever we came home from somewhere, those birds knew it, and they'd chirp out with glee welcoming us back. ^_^

They were the longest pets my siblings and I have ever kept. Besides the birds, we've only ever had rodents in the house, and those always died after a year or so, which was very sad. (See Hazel the hamster's eulogy here. Here is the picture post of Hazel.) At least in our cockatiels' case, they haven't died. They're just being cared for by new owners (who have promised to keep us updated about how our boys settle in). ^,^

*sigh* It's still going to be sad, with no more pets in the house. I'll sure miss them... I love you, Sasha and Sammy. ~_~

For more memories, we've got lots of Youtube videos of the birds. Check out our pet playlist.

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