Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stranger chat

I stumbled onto a very interesting website last night. It's called Omegle. (No idea why. I think it's a made up word. O_o It has an omega symbol in the logo, though, so maybe it's a play on words?)
Anyway, it's a rather fun site, because it allows you to talk to people you'd probably never run into otherwise, virtually or physically. The site pairs you up with a random person who happens to be using the site at the same time, and you're off. Any time either person wants to end the chat, you just disconnect. There's no registration necessary, and the site is totally free! ^_^

Of course, be warned. You must be cautious and mature to use this site. You never know who you might be talking to. In my experience so far, for about every 4 or 5 strangers I chatted with, there was only 1 person I really felt comfortable chatting with. The others either ended the conversation early on, or seemed to be weirdos. O,o

To be safe, try not to reveal your N.A.S.L. (name, age, sex, location) too early in the conversation, if you can possibly help it.

The internet. It's a scary, exciting world out there. Yes, it's full of creeps. But it's also full of some pretty cool people. ^_^ Talk to them!
Who follows that rule, "Don't Talk To Strangers", really? You have to talk to strangers every day! More than 99% of the world is made up of strangers! If you never talk to them, they'll never get the chance to possibly be your friend.

So yeah, try Omegle out. Make a new friend, even if that friendship only lasts for a few minutes. It's fun to bond, if you're talking to the right person.

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Rainy said...

I've heard of Omegle. But I was never interested enough to go on.