Saturday, June 18, 2011

I perform this way

Found a great spoof tribute to Lady Gaga's song, "Born This Way", done by Weird Al Yankovic. It is pure hilariousness. ^_^ Very tastefully done.
Also I picked up a couple of really cool quotes today at the Toastmasters Leadership conference I went to with my mom and sister today. At the end, this guy gave an amazingly inspirational speech about how everyone can be a superhero. (Hmm. Isn't it weird how many superhero movies are play
ing this summer? O_o)

Anyway, here's a great definition of a hero that the speaker gave:
‎"Superheros are people who use their special/extraordinary abilities/powers to help others."
Here's another quote that I really liked!
"Be the voice for those who can't speak."
I wish I could remember how the whole speech went. It was quite fantastic! ^_^

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