Saturday, March 28, 2009

Long time, no see (er, blog)

Hey, really sorry that I haven't been blogging in a while. It's not that I placed another "no blogging for a week" restriction on myself again. I've just had a lot on my mind lately. I'm basically trying to figure out what I should do with my life now. Go to college, get a job... how do other teens do it?

BTW, I think my sister and I have some sort of job oppurtunity, because there's this small restaurant called "Salad Creations," (sounds like us, huh?) so all we have to do is decide whether we actually want the job.

As you guys can see from my count-down, April Fool's Day will soon be upon us. Oh my god! That means that March is going to be over! NOOOO!!! Not another month down! The year is now a quarter over! I feel cheated. On the plus side, though, that takes us a little closer to the month of May and all of it's excitements. Pendragon #10, Jacoby's 100 clue hunt...

Hey, didja know that on T.V. I saw that the Jonas Brothers are going to play in Florida some time in August? I was so thrilled for an instant, but bummed when I realized how long we had to wait. Yeah. You boys reading this probably aren't that excited at this news. Doesn't matter.

I'm feeling really random today. No surprise, since I haven't blogged in a week, I guess. Yesterday I went to Borders again (I loooove going there!) and, since I finished the Bone series (see my book blog for clarification), I decided to start in reading the first chapters of books I simply can't wait for:

Eclipse (Funny, in the beginning Bella is applying for different colleges herself. I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to do)
Pendragon: Before the War #3 (I couldn't believe it was in the store already! I read 3 chapters into that one. All about Loor. She's pretty on the cover)
The Fire Eternal, (This is from a great series, by Chris D'Lacey. I haven't been able to reserve it in forever)
And One False Note, the second 39 clues book (to tide me over until Jacoby's 100 clue hunt begins ^,^. I also cracked the code in the middle of the book).

Yeah. Big whoop. You know what I'm reading. I can't believe I don't have anything else to read while at home! It's so frustrating!

I've looked back through James Dashner's blog, looking for all those Dashnog words that were suggested, but which the inventor neglected to attach a meaning to them. There's at least 20 of them. They're listed at the bottom. Look here. I hope someone can make suggestions for these lonely words. It's for a good cause. Furthering the great, funny language of Dashnog for all the Dude's loyal, psychotic fans. Of course, besides these lost words, my dictionary has over 90 words, so it's really getting there.

I must admit, with all these distractions, I haven't been paying a load of attention to working on my own book writing project. You know, Imazia? I'm not sure what it is. But I'm willing to bet that a little online encouragement will do me wonders.

Everyone better beware on April Fools day. I'm plotting something really tricky for you guys. You might even call it an evil prank. MUAH-ha-HA-ha-HA-ha! It's the perfect joke. Genuis, I say! You'll see...

Also, today Annette and I are going to work on filming a new Leslie and Kyle sock puppet show to commemorate April 1st. We've already got some of it done, but we need to shoot some more. It should be up on YouTube come Fools Day. It should be a big hit. Really funny. About time, too. We haven't made an episode since Valentines. Huh.

Well, I guess that's enough out of me. Better get on with my day!


Q said...

You know, when you're going to pull an April Fool's prank on someone, you generally don't warn them. Now I'm not going to believe a word you say until April 6th or so. :P

Brian said...

Wow. A quarter of the year already. I will do some blog prank... I just don't know what it is yet.