Sunday, March 8, 2009

A couple special days

Hey, you know I forgot to mention a couple posts ago that March 3rd was a semi-holiday. Square Root Day, the brainiacs of the world call it. 3-3-09. Pretty rare day. The only Square Root Days we've had in the recent past occurred on 1-1-01 and 2-2-04. The next time I'll get to see a Square Root Day will be April 4 in 2016! I'll be twenty-five or something then! Just something to think about...

And as we all know, it's Day Light Savings today, so I hope you've changed your clocks. *frown* Why do we need a Day Light Savings Day anyway? It's so bothersome and confusing to me! :~P

I hope everyone's had a great weekend. I did. Chatted with a friend. ;~) Who saw SNL last night?

Alas, the weekend has to end sometime. Tomorrow it'll be back to the grind for me. Practicing math problems and working my essay muscles. Man, I can hardly wait until the SAT turns into an old memory for me. I'll have 6 to 8 weeks to forget all about it then.

I should think about what I'll do after I take the test. Look into different colleges or something, I guess. Since I'm home-schooled, I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to go about this. You guys going to school probably already know what you want to do and have plans before you take the SAT. Not me. I have my lofty Harvard dreams, to be sure. But I don't do anything about them.

Maybe I don't need to go all the way up to Massachusetts, though, even if they do have the best colleges there. Online courses sound interesting, but I want to meet people. Not just virtually, but physically. I want to see the world. I don't know what I want to do, though. Writing is the only thing that comes to mind for me. But what school do you go to for that, when there are so many good books on writing? I like theater too, I guess. Acting, singing, dancing. I also enjoy nature a lot. Caring for animals, exploring a mountain trail.

I wish I camped more. Wish I could see all the stars in one place; the lights are too bright here. Wish I could stand under a famous landmark, like the Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben. Wish I could row a boat or canoe up a calm stream. Even a rough stream, with rapids. Have an adventure. Wish I could learn to snowboard, or parachute, or hang-glide. Wish I could get together with friends and take a long, fun road-trip somewhere. Wish I could meet friends I know, but do not know.
Wsih ym fnreid wulod kepe ihs psoimers mroe otefn nad hrury ti pu wtih ihs pgoluroe. ~,~

Sorry. It's ultra late now. I should stop. I didn't mean to write so much, anyway. 'Bye.


Brian said...

Wow. I wish I'd known about square root day. My math teacher would have liked that. I can't wait to see how your life unfolds after the SATs. If you do become a writer, which I'm sure you will if you follow that, I'd like to see the path you took to get there. You and Jacoby both. Since I'm 4 years younger than you both, that will probably be a good less on for me, when I get to the same point in life.

Brian said...

*lesson, not less on

J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ sorry i missed your half birthday!

Q said...

You should get a college guidebook and look through it, eliminating the ones you don't like the sound of and marking the ones you do. It makes it a lot easier to narrow down college choices.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I didn't know about Square Root Day either ... but come to think of it, that's pretty cool!