Thursday, March 19, 2009


And so we go. I appreciate everyone's reactions to my new background. This one is definitely a keeper. Well, not that I'll keep it forever, but it's really cool, so I think I'll have it for a good while. The following text are all random thoughts of mine that deserve airing out.

Things are fine down here. Spring will soon be upon us. In several hours, in fact. I have another improv class later tonight. I think it'll be our... 5th one so far (sorry, had to check for a moment there). Still a few more to go. I hope it goes well.

I am impatient with the library system. I've reserved both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and only the latter has come in. I remember once getting Eclipse, but in Spanish. Guess I didn't notice what I was reserving. I returned that, reserved the right copy, and have been waiting ever since.

It's not right that I should have the monstrous Breaking Dawn sitting on my shelf of library- borrowed materials, but not Eclipse. I am also in eager anticipation of seeing Twilight on DVD, which I am also forced to wait for. It'll be so cool watching it at home for the second time, with subtitles on.

I seem to be unable to find the time to work on my Imazia story. Since after the *** test (I don't even want to refer to it), it looks like we're back on with updating that old language program of ours. You know, the one that teaches you to write the letters and says their names? It sure has been a while since we worked on that last.

We now have 14 languages on board, though still with some problems. The newest sound files, of South African English and German, were hastily recorded on the beach. Remember, this is only a placeholder. This program will be polished up, probably by other experts, at a much later time. We've been animating Russian letters today as well as improving a certain perl script. To see the result of our work so far, visit this link, or try the link on my sidebar. You know, the one advertising the ABCs and 123s?

This annoys me that I can't really think about my novel. I really want to. In fact, my mom keeps reminding me to work on it, or at least make a plan to. I just don't know what to do. I keep distracting myself with books, movies, and things online (of course). Recently, with Dashner's newest post, I got to be the first to comment, and in honor of this I invented a couple Dashnog words.

For those who don't know, Dashnog (made up of the words "Dashner" and "blog") is a funny language that commenting fans spontaneously add to by seeing the verification word given and inventing a wildly random meaning to go with it. You may not believe this, but I have single-handedly gone back through all of Dashner's most recent posts, read through the tons and tons of comments in search of the Dashnog words and their definitions, and compiled them into one document. I have them in a very neat dictionary format that credits each inventor.

Random Dashnog facts you should know:
  • I have 70 words included in the entire document. I did not include any anonymous words or those words which didn't provide a meaning with them.
  • Each word, definition and usage (if any) were copied straight from the comments with very little editing.
  • The Dashner fan known as Donna seems to be the one who started the concept of Dashnog. She came up with the first word on March 3, 2009. She invented the most Dashnog words of anyone. 22 of them. Good for you, Donna!
  • It took me a couple days to search through all the comments. It was an educational experience. Did you know that this Dude gets at least 20 or something comments every single post? The most he got was around 80. I find that unbelievable. I wish I got that many comments. Like him, I'd read every one.
  • I learned how to publish a Google Document, so any of you guys can see it online. Here's the link. As more people invent words, I will continue to post them. Someone tell Donna about this. She'd like to know about it. Note that I do not plan to do anything with these words, I just want them viewable in one place. I understand she wants to use them in her book or whatever, so I won't touch them. I hope you guys don't either. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get to know her, because she only allows invited people. Too bad. Next time Dashner posts, maybe I'll advertise myself.
I think that's enough out of me for now. (By the way, how do you like these words?)


J.N. Future Author said...

man that is so cool! ^.^ you wrote down all the dashnog ^.^

so what did you think of the 1st chapter!!! I'm dying here!

I wish my mom approved of me writting...!.!,

Brian said...

Whoa!!! That's a lot of words!