Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Kurt Hummel is back in McKinley!"

Hahaha, I thought this moving picture was really funny. It represents what I love best about Glee's most recent episode. ^_^

So yeah, I saw "Born this way", the 18th episode in their 2nd season, and the 40th episode overall in the show. Since I missed seeing it live, I watched it on Hulu. Instead of the claimed 90 Gleeking minutes, though, it turns out the episode is only 56 minutes or something. O,o Wow. That must mean that most of that time was for commercials... ~,~

But no matter. It still felt like a PACKED episode. ^_^ There were lots of characters with sub-plots, which was really awesome, because I've kind of been missing that from recent episodes. Rachel, Santana, Quinn, Lauren, Emma, Kurt... huh, wait a minute. Except for Kurt, all the interesting story-lines seem to have gone to the girls. O,o I didn't notice that before...

You know, it seems that I REALLY love Glee when I'm watching it, right in the moment, but looking back a little bit, I can find a couple of things to be nit-picky about. For example, when Quinn and Rachel were singing that mashup, "I feel pretty/Unpretty", they didn't sing the right words: "I feel pretty/ oh so pretty/ I feel pretty and witty and gay!" Instead, they replaced the last word with "bright". Okay, I can see why they wouldn't say it, because they're not gay. But maybe Santana could have sung it or something. Then it wouldn't have ruined the song, at least.

Also, where was Sue? The last episode made me think she might come back all vicious and stuff, with Terri the Honeybadger right behind her! When is that going to get resolved?! I suppose next episode, if we're lucky...

But anyway, I still liked this episode a lot. My favorite part was when Kurt came back! Whoooo! I was wondering how they'd manage it, with Karofsky and all. It doesn't seem like Dave will be bullying him much anymore... but this story doesn't feel over yet. I'm still highly suspicious... but whatever. As long as Kurt has returned to the New Directions, for good this time, I'm happy. ^_^

I really liked the Warblers singing good-bye to him. So touching. And the song that Kurt sang walking through the school, "As if we Never Said Goodbye", was one of my absolute favorites! He was absolutely amazing! It was almost scary how closely the lyrics fit the situation. Like, did Kurt leave, just so he could come back and sing this very song? O_o Who knows? It was beautiful. (btw, Kurt appeared really tall walking the halls! Really, he seemed to tower over the other students! Did he get a growth spurt? Or did I never notice how tall he actually was? Maybe he was walking extra tall and proud, because Dave's not going to bother him again.)

Also, even though it seemed kinda pointless... "BARBARA STREISAND!" Hilarious! XD I SO wished I was Rachel at that moment! ^___^ It would have been so much fun to dance around with Kurt (in his totally awesome outfit!) , laughing and being overwhelmed by all the dancers in that mall! I smiled the whole time through that scene. ^,^
I also liked Emma coming back to the spotlight. It's been a while for her. And the relationship between her and Will seemed a lot better. They're not all pointlessly lovey-dovey now. They're really friends, and they want to help each other. Which is why Will suggested Emma seriously get help for her OCD. About time, too. (Really, how does she stand having to wash all her fruit, or polish every surface of the chair she sits in?) Since Emma admitted she has a problem, I like her a lot better as a character now. Like when I first fell in love with her when I became a Gleek.

Also, awesome idea with the T-shirts for the song "Born This Way!" My favorite song ever in the entire episode! I liked Gaga's version okay before, but Glee's cover is absolutely fantastic! (Thank you, Mercedes! ^_^) The dancing was brilliant, and all the kids' messages were funny. (Except for a few that really didn't make sense to me. Artie = Four Eyes. That's his problem? Mercedes = No Weave. What the heck is that referring to? And Will = Butt Chin. Really, Will? Really?)

Here's another awesome moving picture. (These things are so cool!)


Rainy said...

No weave = no fake hair. It's alllll real. Though I don't understand why people would make fun of her for that.

What would your shirt say, eh?

(And how did you get the gifs uploaded to Blogger?! I've been trying forever to do that but it doesn't work!)

Magenta said...

My shirt would probably say "Silly girl." ^_^ What about yours?

I'm sorry animated gifs don't work for you. 0,o

Rainy said...

I don't know. I got called Vertically Challenged once or twice.

Is my blogger defected or what! How unfortunate.