Monday, April 25, 2011

301 posts!

Wow, I didn't realize it before, but my last post was number three hundred! And now I'm writing my three hundred and first! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

How's that for two and a half years? Not bad, huh? ^_^
In other news, I have links!!!
  1. James Dashner wrote a new post, saying he's going to reveal the cover of his new Maze Runner book, "Death Cure" in 3 days! Whoo!
  2. My sister Annette made a drawing while we were at the beach yesterday, which you should all totally check out! It is really adorable, and she did it straight from her imagination! ^_^
  3. One of my favorite music artists, Bruno Mars, came out with a new music video, Liquor Store Blues. I can't seem to embed the video right now, so here's the link to his video.
  4. Glee's new episode, "Born This Way", is tomorrow! *scream* I am so excited for it, you have no idea!The thing I'm most excited for is that Kurt comes back to New Directions! I can't wait to see how that happens! (btw, doesn't he just look so cool in this picture? ^_~)

  5. Another thing to be excited for tomorrow: I'm giving my 8th Toastmaster speech. Yay! I don't have a link for that, sorry, but I will most definitely put up the video of my speech for you guys tomorrow. Promise. ^_~

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