Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Don't ask me why, but at the beginning of each month, this is what my parents say to each other. Haha, they make a contest out of who'll be the first to say it. My dad nearly always wins. (Nearly. My mom wins some too.)

It's just a fun and cute thing to say, isn't it? "Rabbit-rabbit!" ^_^
So yeah, in honor of it being a "rabbit-rabbit" day, with a brand new month ahead of us and all, I thought I would check out how I've been doing on my resolution list so far. Let's see...

1) This year I found a great place for me and my family to sing Karaoke on the weekends, so that is way cool. ^_^
2) I wrote 1 poem and 1 short story this month. O,o Wow, that doesn't sound like a lot! I'm going to have to step up for February! (No problem. I'll probably write lots of poems for Valentines. ^_~)
3) Read 1 totally awesome book, which was "The Book Thief." I am now reading "Catcher in the Rye", which is a very interesting book, but I doubt will go on my totally awesome list. Recently though, I did pick up "Shiver" from the library and peek at a few chapters, and that looks really great! Thanks for recommending it, Amy!
4) I've decided to give up on my goal of never seeing previews. It is just too difficult for me. Yes, sometimes they spoil the whole movie, but previews are fun to see! They make it easier to judge which movies I'll likely be seeing. So from now on, I won't be running away from the previews. (But I won't be looking for them, either.)
5) Much earlier this month, I had the chance to meet a celebrity at a book-signing event, but I didn't go. I was super excited to meet her, because that would be part of my "shake hands with famous people" goal, and I wanted to tell you about meeting her, but since it never happened, I didn't talk about it. Well, you're reading about a girl who could have met Whoopi Goldberg, but didn't. *shrug* Oh well. I reserved her book from the library, anyway.
6) Another goal that I'm sad not to have kept is that I haven't been keeping track of the people I "make happy" every single day. That is, I kept track of them for about 2 weeks, and then I just forgot to keep up. But it was a good experiment. It made me realize that everyone has their own definition for being happy. Besides, you have no idea how many people you can make happy every day just by being there. ^_^

Finally, lucky number 7. I thought I'd end us on a very happy note, because this was the very best goal I accomplished this January. That was my "meet at least 3 virtual friends" goal.

Well, I met someone. ^___^
WHAT?! I met HIM? Are you serious?!?!? I've been friends with this kid for 2 entire years, and I only met him, virtually in person, in January 2011!!! How could I not tell everybody that I met Jacoby freakin' Nielsen???

Well, to tell the truth, I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it. ^_~

But yes, just a few days ago, I met my first, longest and best friend in the blogging world for the first time ever, using a webcam. We stayed up late, ended up talking for more than 3 hours, and just had tons and tons of fun. (It is always a party when Jacoby and I have a conversation like that. ^,^) My brother and sister even got to meet him too, so that was way exciting!

So thank you, Jacoby. You were really exciting to meet in person. You are crazier, funnier and much more awesome in real life than you could ever be with text (and that is plenty awesome in itself. ^_~). I can't wait to go even further and meet you off-screen someday. Hahaha.

I wonder who'll be the next friend from here I meet... Skype, anyone?


S.L. Bookworm said...

Anytime! I'm so excited for your review. :)

Just finished Linger a few days ago and holy cow. Some twists in store!

Rainy said...

Rabbit-rabbit. I like that.

Wasn't Catcher in the Rye about that boy and his dog? I've heard it's a classic, but it never really interested me enough to actually read it.

You nearly met Whoopi? I've met Whoopi. Okay, fine, I met her life-size wax equal. Same difference ;)