Monday, February 7, 2011

Return of Glee!!!

I am SO happy that Glee has come back full throttle! Like, more than text could possibly express! ^___^ The last two episodes that have aired this week were, in my humble opinion, the best I've ever seen! I'm simply bursting to tell you guys how much I liked them!!!!! *squee!*

This post may end up being a bit on the long side, because I really want to write about both Sunday's and tonight's episodes. Also, I might be spilling a ton of spoilers!!! Just thought I'd warn everybody.

Here's where you guys can see the Superbowl episode on Hulu. You have GOT to see this episode, if you haven't already. Then I won't feel too much like I'm giving it away for you guys. (Yes, you'll have to sit through some commercials. =P But trust me. It's totally worth it. ^_~)
Wow. That was the only word in my head after I saw the Glee episode that aired immediately after the friggin' Super Bowl! After the big game ended and the post-game show started running, promos kept popping up and hyping up the fact that "Glee is coming up next!" I was totally thinking, "I KNOW! Stop telling me that! >,<" I started thinking that the new episode couldn't possibly live up to all the hype, that I'd be disappointed.

Thankfully, for me, I most certainly was not. ^_^

The story was amazing. I bet the long break since Christmas really helped with the writing. You could tell the people making this episode were going for really BIG! I mean, their budget was obviously enormous! That huge routine with the cheerleaders singing Katy Perry! Sue getting to use a human cannon for her cheer-leading routine! Sue wrecking the principal's office in a mad rage! Plus, of course, the whole Thriller half-time show, where everyone dressed up as the most AWESOME zombies ever! Really, they did a fantastic job with the scary makeup. RAWR!

What really turned me for a loop was the whole "football players join Glee club" plot. I loved it. The kids were totally "No way! Not going to happen!" It completely drew me in, and I liked that Mr. Schu and Coach Beiste made an effort to bring the 2 warring cliques together to make peace. It gave a ton of character development for Kurt's bully, Dave Karofsky. I mean, you still hate the guy, but for at least a while, when he's singing and dancing with New Directions, he's not that bad a person.

One of the most memorable songs in the episode, without a single doubt, was "Bills, Bills, Bills," performed by the Warblers. (Go backward a post to see a video clip of it.) I believe EVERY song that Darren Criss (Blaine) sings on Glee is the best. He never fails. Think about it: "Teenage Dream", "Hey Soul Sister", "Baby it's Cold Outside". Each one is absolutely the bomb! (Later in this post, I'll tell you about the double-dose Darren gave us in tonight's episode. ^_~) But honestly, "Bills" was soooo catchy! I just loved it. ^___^
And now for tonight's episode, "Silly Love Songs", which had a Valentine's Day theme. Just like the Toastmaster speech I gave tonight! (Don't worry. I'll tell you more about that in another post. ^_~) Get ready for some MAJOR spoilers here. Unless you see the episode here. Then they won't be spoilers anymore. Yay!

Firstly, I MUST say this:
After the Sunday episode, I seriously thought nothing could top it. But just like before, Glee surprised me, and it did. They did a seriously good job mixing together all the love stories, and making them convincing and real. Well... Puck and the big girl, Lauren's, case is the only relationship I don't completely understand. O,o But I'm not going to argue with it. It's kinda funny. =P

The Finn+Quinn thing was pretty interesting. I can't tell anymore whether I want them to get together, or Finn and Rachel to get together. I mean, he gave Rachel that gold star necklace as a late Christmas gift! So sweet! (I actually got a special necklace somewhat like that for Christmas too, so it reminded me of that. ^_~) Santana was SO mean, giving him and Quinn mononucleosis. I hope she becomes a better character, eventually.

I LOVED that Kurt got a full plot-line for the first time in weeks! I mean, in both the Christmas and Superbowl themed episodes, all Chris Colfer got to be in was one song with Blaine and another few lines each. That was it. >,< Kurt is one of my absolute FAVORITE characters on the show, and I really didn't like at all that Kurt wasn't being included that much anymore. But for this episode, he was! ^_^

It was absolutely heartwarming. Blaine reveals that he has this crush on another guy, this Gap employee, and Kurt, of course, gets heart-broken. After having a chat with Rachel and Mercedes, who give him surprisingly good advice, Kurt agrees to help woo Blaine's crush with the Warblers with the song "When I get you Alone". Unfortunately, while the song was totally awesome (wink-wink ^_~) it doesn't work out as Blaine intended. ~,~ But Kurt is there to comfort him and (I totally gave an inward "OMG!" at this part!) it seems like they are officially a couple! Ever since Blaine became a part of the cast, I'd always wanted Kurt and him to get together, and they finally have! YAY!!!

I know, I know. They are only fictional characters in a TV universe. But I can't help it. Kurt and Blaine agreeing to be boyfriends just makes me so happy, for some reason. ^___^

The thing I absolutely loved about this episode, besides the Kurt+Blaine thing, was all the songs in it. Every single one was a winner. From "Fat Bottomed Girls", the Queen hit Puck used in an attempt to woo Laura, to "PYT (Pretty Young Thing)"(no video, just audio), which Artie and Mike performed (another Michal Jackson song! YES!), to Rachel's fantastic cover of "Firework" (Bad quality. Sorry, but I couldn't find better.), which sounded so close to the original. (I adore the fact that this particular song got Glee'd up. ^_^) The finale, in which the Warblers return to sing "Silly Love Songs" (again, just audio) by Paul McCartney, had to be the best, though. Hey, it's Darren Criss singing Beatles. You've gotta love it! ^_^

The preview for the next Glee episode looked slightly interesting. It seems like Emma finally comes back (I was just starting to wonder what became of her, actually.). I'm not expecting anything from it, though. Right now, I'm just running on my high from seeing 2 totally excellent episodes practically in a row that couldn't possibly be topped. ^_^

Wow. If you made it all the way to the bottom, then you must be as dedicated a Gleek as I am. ^_^ Tell me: what did YOU think of Glee's 2 most recent episodes?


S.L. Bookworm said...

It's so funny to see the Bubs' repertoire coming out of the Warblers! "Bills" was so great live. I remember Andrew KILLING it. He was so hot. (Maybe not Darren Kriss hot, but still hot.) Please see the first soloist on "Buttons":

(The guy in the tan jacket singing "Sexyback" was my housemate!)

Actually, I was totally in love with Matt:

OK, now I seriously need to go watch the Valentine's Day episode.

The Funny one said...

Technically, "Silly Love Songs" is a Wings song, not a Beatles song. :P

Other than that, great review. My favorite part of the Valentine's Day episode was Artie singing PYT.

J.N. Future Author said...

I have seen the superbowl episode, and liked it.

But not the Valentines one. but everyone says something awesome happens. so I'll have to see it soon