Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling nostalgic...

I've just been spending the past hour or so looking back at my past emails with people who are my best friends on Blogger. It's so weird! I look back on their words, and some of them still make me smile as much as when I received them the first time. ^_^

Thanks for being the awesomest friends ever! Q, Graham, Dave, Laura, Rani, and even James Dashner (yeah, I emailed him a couple times around the time I got my Maze Runner ARC, and he always replied! He is way cool, and his messages made me feel giddy all over again. Emailing JAMES DASHNER!).

And most especially, Jacoby. ^_~ I look forward to your emails best of all.

Yesterday I spent some time looking back through me and J.N.'s 50+ emails. WOW! I know we've known each other for a loooong time, but it's like, OMG, this person is amazing! I read his old messages, and they light my world up so much! ^_^ No matter whether we're talking about stuff that's going on on our sides of the world, or telling each other how much we like something the other wrote, or just saying a friendly little "hi," I know I will treasure every one of his words for as long as I live.

While I'm being honest here, I've also spent some time looking at Jacoby's blog, and seeing how many times my name pops up in his posts. AHHH! I can't believe it. I didn't count exactly, but he's mentioned me probably at least 100 times, even making me the main subject of a post about 4 times. *_* I'm delirious with happiness. I've mentioned Jacoby's name a good many times on my blog, (especially recent-ish, since his internet's been wacky and I miss him on and off ~,~) but not nearly so many times as he's done mine. Do you know how happy a person can be when they see their name in print? And someone else wrote about them, not them. Like, a hundred times? It's an amazing feeling. Which is why I always comment on someone who does such a thing to me.

I'm due to get a snail-mail letter from Jacoby any day now. YAY!!!

I don't write about Jacoby enough on my blog. Not by name, anyway. To me, that's just a sad thing, because he's an awesome person, and he's promised me that we'll be friends forever, and and and... not enough words can describe it. He's the coolest guy I've never met, and I love him. ^_^

Celebrating the first day of March! Whoo-hoo! Too bad that means February is over, though. But if this means that it will stop being cold so much of the time, then I'm very happy! I want Florida to be warm again.

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Rainy said...

Thanks for mentioning me :D It seriously gave me an ego boost.

Even though we haven't emailed each other so much. Especially not as much as 50 times! Jeez! XD