Sunday, March 7, 2010

Everything else

In Blogger world, I'm happy and proud to announce that my friend, Graham of On a Grahampage and Graham Chops, had his manuscript of Sidewinder (which I've read and highly approved) requested by James Dashner's very own agent, Michael Bourret! While this name means nothing to me, I'm ecstatic that Graham was contacted by James freakin' Dashner's own agent!!! Good luck, once again!

And yes, tonight was Oscars night. I actually paid less attention to it than I thought I would (I kept playing this billiards computer game which to me and my sibs is kind of addicting!). Don't worry. I believe my twin sis Annette covered the Academy Awards quite nicely. I'll link to her when she posts it. The only thing I really paid attention to was how Taylor Lautner was all smiley and CUTE on the Red Carpet and on stage introducing a tribute for the genre of horror. That horror montage was really something! 0,o SCARY! Otherwise, I think the Oscars were a little boring.

Nothing more to say, so see you later.

Update: Annette didn't end up posting about the Oscars, so no linking. Sorry.

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