Thursday, February 25, 2010

A lot of firsts

Yep. As long as you're learning something new every day, I say you're leading a pretty good life.

I've learned a lot the last couple days. Yesterday, after so recently reviewing the book The Wikipedia Revolution, I got inspired to become an official "Wikipedian". What this means is that, instead of just using Wikipedia to look up facts and link surf, I'm actually a new member in the community that actually writes and edits all the millions of articles out there! Ooh, it feels so exciting. ^_^ I mean, when you wrap your head around the fact that anyone can edit ANY article on Wikipedia, even if they're not users... whoa!

I've gotta say, I never expected it to be so tough. No, I haven't edited an actual factual article yet. I'm still learning the basics. But you have to use this whole other software language and stuff... I don't know how the original people who developed this came up with it! It's so complicated! My head actually hurt yesterday. 0,o But I'd like to think it was a good hurt, because I was making my brain grow bigger by learning a new "foreign language".

You should see the progress I've made on my User page. I have links to a few sub-pages, including my gallery of User Boxes, which I only found out about when I became a user! User Boxes are these little label things that users construct with wiki-code or grab from others to identify themselves with. For example, "This user loves to write," or "This user is a vegetarian," or even "This user has a channel on YouTube." I guess it helps users know what others are like and if they have similar interests. In just one day, I taught myself how to make my own userboxes. I made one for James Dashner supporters (^__^ hee hee) and one for identical twins, since I am one.

Anyway, if you feel brave enough, you can try writing on my talk page by clicking the edit tab. Just don't delete anything. (Well, if you do, I'd know you did it and could easily undo it, so I guess you can do whatever. ^_^)

Moving on in my talk about firsts, today I learned something big... I need to work on my sit-ups! ~_~ Annette and I went outside with our computer to practice our dance steps for our play, using YouTube to play the accompanying music (clever, no?) and while we were out, we also searched for an old song we used to listen to when we visited with our grandparents and cousins and was always so much fun. Ever hear of something called the "Chicken Fat" song?

It's a great song to exercise to, and it brings back so many memories. It's the first time I've heard it in ages, and it was invigorating. But I'm serious about the sit-ups thing. I suck! Even with someone holding down my feet, I find it extremely difficult to get up. Perhaps with a little practice every day, I'll get the hang of it.

Alright, this is the last thing. And this is really important, in my opinion. Did anyone visit YouTube between 10 AM and 5 PM? If so, did you notice the link on the top that went to a live feed of the summit Obama had gathered together to talk about health care? I think it was also on TV, but when you're watching it on YouTube, there are no commercials! Woot! My family and I watched a couple hours of it while we ate lunch at the table.

Phew! I'm blogged out now. See you later. And remember what I said about learning something new every day! ^_~

Wow, it's so close to the end of February... 0,o

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