Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Superbowl, plus other stuff

This year's Superbowl, #44, was pretty fun. I sure do like the one time of the year I can pretend that I watch football all the time. Instead of going to a huge party where we probably would have loaded up on the junk food, my family simply gathered around the TV, had delicious veggie burgers and laid back to enjoy the show.
It was the Indiana Colts vs. the New Orleans Saints. Since I don't know anything about the teams or the players or anything, I decided I'd root for the Colts. I guess I thought their horseshoe emblem would make me lucky. At first this seemed to be the case, but it wasn't meant to be. I believe the final score was 31-17. Well, too bad. I still had a good time.

Yesterday was awesome, because I went to the Miami Metro Zoo with our homeschooling group and had a blast. I saw sooooo many animals. We went around the entire zoo and saw almost every one. There were many species of birds and horned quadrupeds I'd never even guessed existed. Man, you wouldn't believe the amount of pictures and videos Annette and I took of these creatures. Both cameras were charged before we left, and by the end of the day, one of them was out of juice while the other's battery was in the red. I don't think we've ever used our cameras so much in one day!

Oh, the memories this trip created. The last time I went to the zoo was when I was real young, like 3 or something, so this was a very cool trip. No way I'm going to forget this. My favorite animals, based on which animals we could see the best and which were simply awesome, were the flamingos (tall, pink birds!), the camels (both the 1 hump and 2 hump variety), the kangaroos (so cool!), the African elephants (I've always wanted to see elephants. They're huuuuge!) and, best of all, the giraffes. Boy, the giraffes. We were actually able to feed them! Yeah! We bought branches of leaves from this stand, they ate them right out of our hands and we could touch them! It was quite a popular thing, really. I loved it.

Valentines Day is next Sunday, so I'm pretty excited for that. Need to get started on preparing cards and stuff! ^_^

About a month ago I remember being quite sad that one of my closest long-distance friends (how's that for an oxymoron?) was not available on the internet. Well, this has once again happened to the same friend, and I feel even worse than before. This friend has neither blogged nor emailed me since January 22, which means I've had absolutely no contact with him for nearly 3 weeks. If 3 days was bad for me, then 3 weeks has been absolute torture!

I wish so badly that I knew how he was doing. It's hard for me to do anything, because I know he won't be able to answer my emails, let alone read them. But I need to hold on to the hope that, eventually, perhaps very soon, he'll surprise me by popping back up online and I will be able to connect with him again. Then I will smile and laugh with joy and everything will be alright.

You know who you are, my friend. I don't need to say your name. Please don't forget about me. It's so hard to forget about you.

Edit: OMG!!! I can't believe it! My friend just emailed me this evening! What a surprise! I'm so happy!!! Wow, can you imagine? This happened last time too! I write a pitiful post about how I miss my friend so terribly, and then very soon afterwards I hear from him! I don't know. The universe works in mysterious ways... but I don't care. ^_^

He still doesn't really have internet, but I know that he'll be back. At least I know that he has certainly not forgotten about me. ^_~

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