Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fog and Stories (yay!)

This is how foggy it was when I woke up this morning. (No, this isn't a picture of where I live. But it really was this level of foggy!) I don't believe I have ever seen it so thick before. You know that expression about cutting fog with a knife? You could do that with this fog.

This kind of weather is very rare in Florida. I think it's beautiful. I took a walk in it earlier, and it felt very cool. My vision was very slightly blurred, but if you looked very closely, you could see all the teeny-tiny drops of precipitation flying around every-which-way. ^_^

Now that it's later in the day, most of the fog has lifted. But you can still see it in the air a little bit...
In other news... I wrote a story!
This is incredible! I mean, just yesterday I was saying how I didn't have any inspiration or good ideas about what I could write. Later I found that my twin sister, Annette, whom I love very much ^_~ (is it who or whom? O,o), had commented on that post and given me a few writing prompts. Here is what she suggested to me:
  • A sad story about a pen/ pencil (that can think and talk) that feels lonely and unused because the "writer" uses the computer for most of her work?
  • A scary story about some kids who go on a roller-coaster that suddenly stops working in the middle of the ride!
  • A funny story in which 2 pieces of bread meet in a toaster and fall in love before being made into a sandwich and getting eaten together!
I took one of these prompts, and... I don't know how else I can describe it... I just ran with it! ^_^

First I went to the website Writeordie.com and set myself a goal of 1000 words. I sat there for about an hour, and when I passed my 1000 words (Yes! I wrote OVER a thousand words! I was so happy!) I just kept on going and going. I just knew I could finish this story! Later I transferred it to a Google Doc and took a break. Then I went back to my story and managed to make it... All. The way. To the end...

I don't remember the last time I was able to finish a story that I started! I am so proud of myself! (I don't mean to keep bragging, but this has really given me such an incredible boost in confidence!)

The final product is precisely 1800 words, or about 2 pages worth of text. When I was done, I showed it to my brother and sister. They loved it, and said it was a really awesome story. ^_^
Would you like the chance to read my short story, dear readers? I'm not sure I want to post it on my blog for the whole world to see (It's mine! Mine, do you hear?!), but if you can correctly guess, out of the 3 choices I had, which story I chose to write about, then I will show it to you. No clues. Just pick one. (Hey, you have a 33% chance of winning. Go for it! ^_~)

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot! This contest lasts for a limited time. One day only. I'll announce the lucky winners sometime tomorrow morning. ^_~


S.L. Bookworm said...

The first one! :)

Rainy said...

Yay Bettina I'm so proud of you!

The bread story. I'm pretty sure . . .