Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prl Fls Dy (April Fools Day)

Hv y ntcd th smll thngs tht Ggl hs bn dng t clbrt Prl Fls Dy? Wll, 'v bn ctchng @ fw. Sch s th fct tht Gml, lk m, sms t hv lst t's vwls whn y frst g t sgn n. R tht Ggl hs chngd t's nm t Tpk fr sm strng rsn. R tht YTb hs @ ftr tht shws sm f thr vds n txt chrctr frmt. 1 thnk ths stff s prtty clvr.

1 dn't thnk 'm prsnlly gng t b mkng @ bg dl t f th frst f Aprl. Ths wll prbbly b th xtnt f my flshnss. 1 hp thr ppl wll tk dvntg f ths hldy, thgh. F nyn wnts t cmmnt nd b n th sprt f thngs, pls lv m @ cmmnt n n-vwl frmt wth th trnsltn blw, lk 'v dn hr. ^_~

Hr's @ lnk t my Prl Fl's Dy pst frm lst yr, by th wy.

(Have you noticed the small things that Google has been doing to celebrate April Fools Day? Well, I've been catching a few. Such as the fact that Gmail, like me, seems to have lost it's vowels when you first go to sign in. Or that Google has changed it's name to Topeka for some strange reason. Or that YouTube has a feature that shows some of their videos in text character format. I think this stuff is pretty clever.

I don't think I'm personally going to be making a big deal out of the first of April. This will probably be the extent of my foolishness. I hope other people will take advantage of this holiday, though. If anyone wants to comment and be in the spirit of things, please leave me a comment in no-vowel format with the translation below, like I've done here. ^_~

Here's a link to my April Fool's Day post from last year, by the way.)


Rainy said...

Ah! I saw google had changed its name at school, and I knew it was April Fool's day, but it didn't click! Only thing that had fooled me.

Magenta said...

Hy, ddn't y rd my pst? Y wr sppsd t wrt @ cmmnt n n-vwl frmt.

Bt myb snce t's nt Prl Fls Dy nymr, 'll lt t sld. ^_~
Hey, didn't you read my post? You were supposed to write a comment in no vowel format.

But maybe since it's not April Fools Day anymore, I'll let it slide. ^_~

Rainy said...

pps! Srry, frgt!

Opps! Sorry, I forgot!