Friday, April 9, 2010

M. J. on "Who's Line"

Trust me, this is HILARIOUS!

Last night I was watching "Who's Line is it Anyway" with my siblings while flipping the channels, and then we saw Wayne Brady do a really funny impression of Michael Jackson. The clip we saw on TV was 8:33 - 9:00, where Wayne is singing to Ivy the Bingo Lady.

Most all the impressions are laugh out loud funny. At least to me. The only things I don't like is when they tease about his plastic surgery, and when Wayne has a mask of a white woman with brown hair and says "Hi, I'm Michael Jackson". That's just uncalled for. But I know these guys were just having fun. Wayne sings and dances so much like him, so it's really funny!


Brian said...

You gotta love Who's Line!

Rainy said...

He did the screaming part well!

Dave said...

One of my favorite all time shows! I LOVE Wayne Brady! He has always been SUPER talented....


p.s. HI Bettina! Long time no talk! Hope all is well!