Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm a poet.

And I most certainly know it. ^_^

Yesterday there was an event at my library, a poetry reading. I got up there and read a couple of my poems. (Toastmasters has improved my confidence a whole lot.) My sister Annette faithfully filmed my following recitations:

My as of yet never-before-seen poem, Contemplation.

My Thanksgiving Poem (which I also have posted at this link)

I also read a corny poem I wrote back in November '09 called Friday the 13th, but that wasn't filmed.

Neat, huh?


elizabeth said...

Hello Bettina! I love your blog! It's cute! Great poems and how wonderful of you to share them.

My little 4 year-old loves your virtual blog gerbil! :D

Rainy said...

"Contemplation" is pretty good. And it's thirteen letters!

Sorry. Got distracted.

Emily Paslee said...

I really liked your Contemplation. To tell you the truth I accidentally got on to your blog as I am researching the Environment and found the picture on Google Images but then I saw your blog and started reading. It was so cool! Thanks for the Contemplation...trying to write a poem now about the Environment anf you are a real inspiration!! Thanks!! :):)

Emily Paslee said...

if you want i could type it and you could see what you think of it...?

Magenta said...

Thanks so much, Emily. I'm glad you enjoyed my poem, and it's definitely nice of you to say I'm an inspiration. :)

Yes, please, I'd love to see what you write based on my Contemplation. ^_^