Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I hope everyone made an effort to treat the environment a little better. I know I did. Yesterday morning, my family took a walk to the supermarket with 2 large garbage bags and collected enough litter on our walk to fill both up to the brim! Wow, it feels so good to make that kind of difference. ^_^

Also, we've decided that instead of using plastic bags to hold our groceries, we'll use a reusable cloth bag. Hopefully we'll start a trend, and no one will use plastic anymore!

Speaking of going green, I finally uploaded my Toastmaster speech and evaluation from Tuesday 13th. Sorry it's taken me this long.

Remember, try to make every day an Earth Day!


Rainy said...

I can't watch the speech now, but I will soon.

Happy Earth Day! You know I'm making my teacher plant a tree because of all the paper he uses when giving us work? This is why homework is bad; it kills the environment.

Magenta said...

Ha ha. ^_^ Thanks. I hope you enjoy my speech when you can see it.