Friday, January 16, 2015

That time of the month

A lot has been going on lately, making it kind of hard for me to blog. But I promised myself to write at least one post a week, so this will probably be a big, rant-y mish-mash of a post.
First of all, this might be t.m.i. (this is my blog though and I don't care who reads this, so anything goes), but I got my period a few days ago, and it was NOT fun. Usually my "time of the month" is entirely uneventful, but this time I got major cramps right away. It was like a tidal wave of pain that I'm not very used to. Had to spend most of the day in bed, tossing and turning and trying to make myself comfortable.

Well, at least I got much better after that day, and it feels like it's winding down now. It makes me appreciate all the times I'm normal and healthy. ^,^ Still, I worry that because it's that time of the month that I've been feeling... hormone-y. More emotional about things than usual, in other words. Normally I wouldn't whine or complain, or try to blame having feelings like that on my period, but I have a couple confessions of having such feelings to make.

One of these is that, since my boyfriend started classes again this week and I've gotten more busy in my own work with my family, we went a few nights this week without really talking to each other.

This may not sound like much, but Jerome and I have been going out an ENTIRE YEAR, and when we're not on dates with each other we've ALWAYS texted and/or web-cammed each other every night, at the least. So missing a night or two is a big deal! We saw each other on FaceTime the other day, but still. I've been missing my boyfriend (missing communicating with him, at the least), and it hurts just as much as having cramps does. >,<
What makes it worse is that my family and I were invited to a friend's wedding that takes place this Saturday, so I won't get to see Jerome over the whole weekend like I've gotten used to! I know I shouldn't be so whiny and be really grateful for all the time I have spent with my boyfriend, and anyway I'll simply see him next weekend. But again, this is my blog. I can be whiny if I want to. >_<

Jerome has been great about the whole thing, though. (I've probably been upset enough for the both of us. Lol) He misses me too, but realizes we're both busy, and he urges me to have fun at the wedding this weekend. He's going off-roading with his dad on Saturday anyway, so it works out great. So I feel much better about that. ^_^

The other feelings I want to confess to blaming on my hormones is something I'm a little more guilty about... I have to say it somewhere though. I need to get it off my chest, otherwise I'll just keep carrying it around with me like a heavy secret...

I don't want to name any names (if they read this, they'll know who they are anyway), but lately I've been feeling really mad at a certain friend of mine. He never has time to talk to me anymore, and I'm tired of trying to get him to share anything with me. I always used to email him when I wanted to tell him something exciting that was happening in my life, begging him to do the same, but his responses have become so rare that I've gradually stopped writing to him myself. That makes me really sad, since we've always been such close, long-time friends...

Anyway, recently I discovered that I still had something of his: a notebook he'd shared with me. He sent it to me for my birthday last year. I'd held onto it for months already. It was about time I gave it back to him, since it was his and I'd finished reading it long ago.
Yesterday I mailed it off at the UPS store. It's headed on its way back to the rightful owner as I type this. I included a letter with the notebook, though. And I said some things... that I'm worried will be hurtful to my friend. I meant them when I wrote those words, though... Basically I questioned whether we were really friends anymore, and I refuse to speak to him again until he can show me he still cares about me.

I intend to keep that promise I made to myself... A part of me just hopes my friend won't be too mad at me, and realize that while my frustration is real, a part of it came from me being a tad over-emotional when I wrote those things... So please, when you read this... forgive me. Okay?
In entirely OTHER news!
I recently finished reading Robert Galbraith's (a.k.a., J.K. Rowling's) book "The Silkworm", sequel to "The Cuckoo's Calling", which I read over a month ago. I think I liked the sequel better than the original, since while the first one was about the "suicide" of a famous model, this mystery followed the case of a missing, later found gruesomely murdered author. Examining suspects found in the literary world held my interest a lot more than the world of celebrities and fashion. I wonder if Rowling will write any more Cormoran Strike novels?

Once again, I wrote down all the character descriptions I found in the book, but I'm not going to bore you with them. I'm not even sure if I want to keep doing it, because it's quite a tiring exercise, and turns what could have been a quick read in a week into a book taking me multiple weeks to finish.
I also saw the movie Birdman in the theater with my family recently. That was such an unexpectedly AWESOME film! I absoluetely loved it. ^_^ I loved how the whole movie appeared to be one enormous shot, no takes or edits whatsoever. I loved how the opening and ending credits appeared in a unique and interesting way. I loved the drum music in the background. I loved how Michael Keaton's character talked to himself and did telekinesis and even FLEW, and you knew that all these things were really happening in his head, but it looked cool. I also loved Edward Norton. His character is something of a jerk, but he looks like Jerome, so I like him. ^,^

Another few things I saw that I'm really excited about is the 2 new episodes of Steven Universe!

#36 Warp Tour: Where Steven discovers that he and the Gems aren't the only ones using the warp streams (their mode of transportation between other Gem dimensions) and that there's another Gem person out there trying to fix the warp pads. Apparently Garnet and the others don't want other Gems around, because that's bad, so they destroy the big main warp pad??? This raised a lot of questions for me, but I liked it.

#37 Alone Together: Steven practices dancing with the Gems in order to achieve fusion with them (combining bodies and powers to make one being). This doesn't work out, so he hangs out with his friend Connie. (I totally ship Steven and Connie! Then again, how can you not? ^,^) He teaches her how to dance a bit, and they have so much fun and are so in synch with each other that they actually fuse together and make... STEVONNIE!
Oh my god, Annette and I flipped out over this character. Before Garnet gave them the name Stevonnie, we thought they would be called Con-even, because we were both like, "I can't even!!!" XD I mean, just look at that sexy character design!

So yeah, hi-jinks ensue. They have fun with their new combined form, they make both male and female workers at the donut shop have a crush on them (well, is Stevonnie a guy or a girl? No one can tell!) and then they go a rave dance party, because hey, he/she looks big enough to be a teenager.

I've seen a lot of good S.U. episodes, but that episode has got to be my absolute favorite so far! XD It was clever, it was funny, it was new... It just made me super freaking happy.
Okay, last thing I'll mention in this post is that I've become addicted to a new app game called "
2 Cars" (Thank you, Pewdiepie! XP) It's really fun, and so hard to stop playing! I blame it on the cool music, and  the way the sound effects seem to synchronize with the beat. I have a record of 46 points so far. I think if I can just manage to break 50 points, I'll delete the app...

So that's all I have to talk about. Congratulations on making it to the end. Next time I promise not to be quite all over the place...

Edit: I made it to 69 points in 2 Cars! Just like I promised, the app is off our iPod Touch. I'll miss that game, but I don't think I could have done much better than that. ^,^

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