Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3 reviews in one post

So I wanted to talk about 3 shows I watched yesterday and my brief thoughts about each one. 2 of them were cartoons I saw for the first time ever and am pretty excited about, and the other one has already been a favorite show of mine for a long time.

First, let me talk about "Star vs. the Forces of Evil".
I saw both Episode 1, "Star Comes to Earth", and Episode 2, "Party with a Pony" in one video (because I guess they both came in a bundle.) With this as my first real impression of the show, I think I like it. It's not a show that's on the same level as say "Steven Universe", but it does have heart and shows a lot of effort put into the story and characters.
In the first episode we get the basic plot of the show, which went pretty much exactly how I predicted in a previous post here. Magical princess in another dimension gets powerful wand, her royal parents decide to send her over to Earth, yada yada yada. Princess Star is a good character. She's only 14, so that partly explains why she's so crazy and full of that manic energy and can't control her magic. I liked the boy Marco too. The voice could have been better cast, in my opinion, but being the "safest kid in school" is an interesting character trait, I guess. At first he and Star don't get along, but by the end of the episode they're pretty much friends.

The second ep introduces one of Star's friends from her old world, Princess Ponyhead. I feel really conflicted about this character, because on the one hand she has such an annoying voice, but on the other hand I kind of realize that she's supposed to be an annoying character, so her voice really fits... Anyway, Ponyhead takes Star and Marco dimension hopping with those special scissors shown in the intro, and it turns out she's jealous of Marco because he seems to have taken her place as Star's best friend. I've seen plenty of shows that have done the "jealous best friend" story before, but I liked how this show handled it.

The next show I saw was "Wander over Yonder, which is also a relatively new Disney Channel cartoon. My sister Annette turned me on to it and I watched the first 2 episodes with her, "The Greatest" and "The Egg".
The show is pretty zany and cool, and the design brings up memories of the Powderpuff Girls or The Rocky and Bullwinkle show. It's basically about this funny, laid back little alien guy named Wander and his tough horse friend Celia going on different adventures. Sometimes Wander comes up against his nemesis, Lord Hater (which is a great name because it's like Lord Vader!)

It doesn't matter where you put this guy, he's just happy-go-lucky and ready for anything. Kinda like when you could put the Looney Toons or Tom and Jerry into any place or situation. It just works! I also love that Wander's voice is done by Jack McBrayer, who is the most excellent choice for this kind of character.

The last show I saw yesterday was Glee, Season 6, episode 1, "Loser Like Me". I've been putting off watching the new season of Glee for a while now, partly because I've been so busy and partly because I thought maybe I could wait for the whole season to be over and just binge watch it later. But I broke down and decided to try the first episode out, just to see how it measured up to all the hype and rumors I'd heard.
It was interesting to come back to Glee after so long. As usual, some of the story was outlandish and totally unbelievable, but something made me overlook all that and suspend my belief. I guess I just watched this for the characters I love so much. I want to see them succeed and do great things.

It started off on a totally low note. Apparently Rachel's sitcom, That's So Rachel (which she abandoned her Broadway role in Funny Girl for) was branded the worst show in all of existence! (A bit overkill, much?) I liked how the pilot was played in the episode at some point and... Yeah, it was bad. :P Also super sad that Rachel's gay dads were getting divorced for seemingly no reason (except I guess they couldn't get Jeff Goldblum back to play the other dad.)
Also Sue Sylvester is her ridiculously evil self and has turned McKinley high into... A great school that has banned the arts and music? Okay, I'll buy it. She still manages to pull of the whole villain thing, which is awesome.

I was really surprised about the Kurt and Blaine situation, since just like Rachel's dad's they are broken up. ~,~  I've been shipping and rooting for Klaine right from the start, ever since they became a couple. I've just always loved the two of them together, and hoped that their love, of all the TV romances out there, would conquer all, so it saddens me that they fell apart. (And that Blaine's new boyfriend is Karofsky! XP No way!) Still, I'm glad that Kurt at least wants to win Blaine back, so I have some hope to get me through the season. 

So Will Schuester became a new father, and his little red-headed baby is so cute! He left McKinley and now coaches the other Glee club, Vocal Adrenaline (the one that is always the big competition to beat). Also Blaine has left New York to coach the Warblers (because the guidance counselor got Ebola or something? What?!) My absolute favorite part in the episode is when he and the Warblers sing Ed Sheeran's "Sing" together. I was dancing in my seat for the entire number!!! I just love their acapella voices and the way they move, it's so awesome! ^_^ 
So the episode closes out with Rachel and Kurt deciding to take on the evil Principal Sue and restore the New Directions Glee Club. It's gonna be tough, because they'll have to go against their friends clubs in the end... that will be hard to watch. :P I guess this is their final hurrah. Glee is throwing all they've got into this last season... I hope it's worth it in the end.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. ^_^

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