Friday, January 2, 2015

Death Note fan fiction

WARNING: This post may contain spoilers for the anime Death Note!!!

So yesterday while I was hanging out with my boyfriend for New Year's, we were watching a few episodes of the anime we've recently been watching together, which is called Death Note. Perhaps you've heard about it. We are two thirds of the way through the series, and it is getting incredibly exciting now! The Shinigami have returned, Light and Misa have regained their memories of the Notebooks, and shit is getting real!!!

When Jerome and I saw our last episode of the day, #25 (Silence), I was struck by the way Riyuzaki (L) and Light (Kira) interacted with each other. They're standing in the rain together, one of them washes the other one's feet, stuff like that, and it occurred to me...

Someone could easily interpret their dialogue and actions as them secretly being gay! It was so funny, and I know that's probably not what the creators intended, but I can see it. Their connection is totally there, if you look for it. I thought to myself, "There's GOT to be a fan fiction about Light and Riyuzaki getting shipped together!"

Well, I decided that before I go looking to see if I'm right about their being fan fiction dedicated to L and Light, I would write a fanfic piece of my own. It would be my first attempt at fan fiction ever!

I'm really excited at the prospect of this new project. I've already rewatched the episode very closely and taken down everyone's dialogue, so I can use it in my story. Once I'm finished with it, I will post it here for you to read. Wish me luck!!! ^_~ 

Start at 9:50 to see the part I'm going to write about in my fanfiction.

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J.N. Future Author said...

I'm super excited to read it! XD

and for the record, LightxL shippings happen a lot XD