Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Adventure: Sunday

I woke up first at around 8. I let Jerome sleep in as I made myself busy. I called my dad to make sure I could come home when I wanted. I packed away all my clothes that were scattered around our messy tent, I started preparing breakfast, dicing the rest of the onion and the mushrooms.

Funny short story: there was this can of leftover cranberry sauce that never got put away. I don't know why, but it just sat there on the table for no reason. But anyway, while I was chopping, I heard a bee buzzing around in the can. He couldn't get out! So I lifted the lid a little bit and he flew free. A few minutes later though, the bee started hovering around the can and crawled back through the little gap in the lid, and once again he couldn't figure his way out. XD Such a silly bee.

Finally Jerome awoke, and he made us another omelette with the ingredients I'd prepared. It was very tasty. After breakfast, we got a start on packing everything else away. We were too lazy to do the dishes, and decided Jerome could do them when he got back to his house.

Slowly but surely, everything got put away and secured on the trailer or inside the Jeep's trunk. The extra tent that Jerome's dad had used finally fell apart, so we threw it out. I folded and packed away Jerome's clothes for him. We cleared away the picnic table that had been our makeshift kitchen and folded our tent away. For a break we each ate a bit of leftover apple pie, but for the next couple of hours all we did was pack.

At last we'd put away every last item of camp gear, leaving no trace that we'd been camping there for the last few days. We left at around 1:30, and I'll admit that I was sad to go. I know my own family would have enjoyed camping out there, it's so beautiful. Maybe in the future I'll convince them to come along. Anyway, if I have anything to say about it, I'm definitely going to camp there with Jerome for next thanksgiving. ^,^

We stopped in Clewiston for gas, and since we were hungry and we saw that the Walmart had a Subway inside, I ran in and bought us 2 Veggie Delite footlong sandwiches. Plus they were selling soft pretzels, which I haven't had in a long time, so I got one for us to share. I fed Jerome little bites of his half of the pretzel as he drove us along, and then we had our sandwiches.

A couple of hours later, we arrived at my house. The rest of my family were away at the beach, so we didn't have anyone to greet us. I didn't mind, though. We took my things out of the trunk and I hugged my boyfriend goodbye, thanking him for the most fantastic Thanksgiving weekend ever. ^_^

I remember liking my hour or 2 of alone time as I waited for my parents and sibs to return. I unpacked my clothes, took a shower, uploaded all my pictures and videos from my camera to the computer, got all caught up on the social media. :P Finally my family returned and I was able to show them all the footage I'd taken and tell the stories of my Thanksgiving Adventure.
With that, I am finally done telling all my stories from the last weekend. Hope you enjoyed reading about my exploits as much as I did writing about them. ^_^ I'm not sure if I'll be able to manage a daily post all the time as I have been doing, but I promise, I won't leave my blog unattended for as long as last time. ^_~


J.N. Future Author said...

It really does sound like you had so much fun! ^__^ I'm glad your weekend was such a success!

Magenta said...

Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed reading about it. I hoped you would. ^,^