Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty in... Magenta! ^_~

I didn't expect much this year, but Halloween was pretty fun. In the costume contest at our local town center (still attending that party after so many years) Adam won in the 10 to 13 year-old category as Captain Jack Sparrow, and I placed 2nd in the 14 and up (or adult) category as Pretty in Pink, once again. Yay! (Annette didn't win anything, but she makes a cute pirate girl, no? ^_~)

I had fun strutting myself around the room, smiling to everyone like I was a model. The umbrella just completes the look, I think.
After the contest was over, and I was enjoying the various game booths (whether you win them or not, you always get some candy), a little girl dressed as a cute witch tapped my leg and asked me, "are you Lady Gaga?" I just found that so adorable! :D

I must say, I probably wouldn't have placed if it hadn't been for my mom. She put so much effort into helping me look pretty in my pink getup. In fact, she's the one who found that wig in the first place and suggested that I dress all in pink! So thank you, mom. ^_~
Besides dressing up and indulging in some candy, I got into the holiday spirit by watching 3 classic scary movies with my brother and sister this week: The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and Dracula.
In my opinion, each film was better than last. (Actually, that's not saying much. =P) None of the movies were as scary as I thought they would be. The stories were kind of bland and slow-paced, most of the characters were dull and forgettable, but there is something about them that makes them so intriguing to watch. Maybe it was the camera work, or the locations/ sets, or the timelessness of the pictures. Looking at these movies from a historical standpoint, you wonder, did these films actually scare and thrill people when they were released? I felt like I was looking through a time capsule, almost.

Dracula was my favorite of the monster movies we saw. The special effects may have been kind of lame (fake bats on strings, come on!), and they never showed the Count in the act of actually drinking blood, but Bela Lugosi gave a grand, commanding performance, as did the guy who played Van Helsing. Also, one of the characters who stood out most in my mind was Dracula's servant, Renfield. That guy was waaaay cuckoo in the head! I think he was scarier, in a way, than Dracula, because he had such a mad manner and look in his eyes.

Well, now that Halloween is over, and November has begun, I think it is time to whip out my pencil! (Hehe, or perhaps my typing fingers. =P)

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