Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet the Little Fellow

My younger brother, Adam, wanted my sister and I to help him make a movie yesterday. So we agreed. He loves Charlie Chaplin, so he came up with a little skit in which he's trying to get a drink from a water fountain. He got all dressed up like Chaplin, we drove him to the park, and together we brought his vision to life.

I did all the filming, while Annette and Adam co-directed and co-starred in the short. Then Annette handled the editing (using Adobe Premiere Pro), we threw in some old-fasioned ragtime music, and voila! We uploaded it to YouTube. ^_^

The first time we set music to the video, we didn't know how perfectly the ragtime would sync to every cut and scene! We didn't have to do any editing at all where the music was concerned. It was such an OMG moment... you just had to be there, I guess...

Because of this video, Adam now has his own YouTube channel! He'll probably make more awesome videos like this, so please subscribe to him! And leave a comment on the video, maybe...


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