Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution checklist

Okaaaaaay. Let's see how well I held up my 2010 resolutions, shall we?
  • Focus less on the books that I read and more on how much I write in my story.
Well, I certainly read less this year than last year, that's for sure. (70+ books this year, as opposed to 100+ from 2009.) For those unaware, I've decidedly given up on my Imazia story, but on the plus side, I've got a couple great short stories on the side that I really believe in. ^_^ So I would say check!
  • Be a lot more active, outgoing and helpful, as opposed to shy, bookworm-ish and lazy.
I believe this is also worthy of a check!
  • Try and get Leslie and Kyle back on the internet.
Hmm, I guess that didn't exactly work out. ~,~ Oh well.
  • Do something big and unexpected this year, something that today I wouldn't be able to predict it of myself.
I think I have done this a lot of times! (See my last post, the Best of 2010). A big check to this one!
  • Travel. I reeeeally want to travel. Hopefully the Taglit Birthright program will pull through this summer. I also really want to go to Utah!
Travel is exactly what I did this year, I am very happy to say. ^_^ Taglit was most certainly awesome. (Plus, I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but I'm thinking that next year I may actually get to go to Utah! ^,~) Check!
  • I will absolutely keep my promises. No backing out of them. If I say I'm going to do something, especially on my blog, my word is law. I will do it. If I say I'll you the story when I get back from somewhere, I won't put it off.
I'm not sure how well I pulled this resolution off, because I didn't keep much track of it. I hope I have. Can you tell me if I've kept my promises to you, dear readers? 0,o A tentative check?
  • Get a few more followers for my blog this year. So that I remember, right now I have 14. Thank you so much Brian, Dave, Q, Rainy, Laura, Deb, Annette, Shira and Grandma, as well as the other followers I don't know terribly well.
Over the year of 2010, I've gotten more relaxed about blogging. I post a little less (except when something really important and exciting happens! ^_^), I'm happy whether people comment or not (though it is always appreciated when they do ^_~) and I don't care who's following me, as long as I have my core group of virtual friends. But now I have 18 followers instead of 14, so yay! Check!

There's my family members, mom (Silvergal), sister (The Funny one) and grandma. There's Dave Latiener, Brian and the Curly Q, who seem to have dropped out of the active blogging world, sadly. !,! But at least I have the wonderful and awesome Rainy. She's a good friend. ^_~

There are lots of other people who follow me (Addicted Reader, Dave, Dave King, Debbie, elizabeth mueller, IB Girl, Jarrett, Mary Cunningham, Ophelia Julien, Sara.), but I don't know them very well. I thank you guys for following me anyway, and hope I will get to know you better in the next year. Or not. Whatever.

And even though they don't officially follow me, many thanks go out to Graham Bradley and Jacoby Nielsen. I'm extremely glad to have known you guys. ^_^
Wow, 6 out of 7 resolutions kept and preserved. That's not bad at all! ^_^

Happy New Year, everybody! I'm so psyched for 2011!!! I'll post new resolutions very soon. Promise!


J.N. Future Author said...

hehe, I agree with all of these! and I sign that I will help you with your goals! ^.^

And I do follow you!!! Just on the side of my blog! ^.^ Your on the Respect Column you know!

Your friend!,

Jacoby Nielsen

Magenta said...

Aw, thanks for saying you'll help out. But these aren't my resolutions for this year. They're from LAST year. 0,o