Monday, December 13, 2010

What a weekend! ^_^

The last few days have been so incredibly fun-filled and memorable! Such happy times for my family and I! ^_^

One thing that made everything so exciting is that my favorite aunt, Lisa, spent the whole weekend with us. She is so much fun! I always look forward to her visits. ^_~

So here was my weekend, in a nutshell:
Friday, 10 ~ It was Adam's 13th birthday! My little brother has now joined the ranks of teenager-hood! (Maybe I shouldn't call him my little brother anymore, since he's as tall as me now. lol) It was really great. We had a fun breakfast (I made an enormous batch of pancakes for him. An entire box's worth, actually. O_o), he read the special birthday cards we made for him, and Aunt Lisa took us to the theater to see "The Tourist", which was fantastic!

I loved Johnny Depp's and Angelina Jolie's acting. What fascinating characters! It felt like I was reading an awesome mystery novel instead of watching a movie. The story just pulled me in. Plus it took place in Venice, Italy, which looked absolutely beautiful! I want to go there someday!

Apparently, a friend of Lisa's had worked on the movie, so we waited through the credits until we saw her name. That was really fun! I should stay for the credits more often. You get to see all sorts of interesting names and jobs, especially long after the cast.
Saturday, 11 ~ The day of my brother's Bar Mitzvah! We had been working towards this day and looking forward to it for months, and now it has finally passed. *sad* It was incredible. We had the service and party in a special room in our library, invited about 50 of our close friends and family, and catered the whole lunch by ourselves! Yes, we didn't hire a caterer! Crazy, huh? O,o

Adam was a fantastic Bar Mitzvah boy. I am more proud of him than words can say. And to think, he didn't know a lick of Hebrew only a few months ago!

Annette and I made a special photo slideshow for our brother using Adobe Premiere Pro. Now you can see it on YouTube. Or you can just see it here. ^_^

My twin and I also put on a little surprise performance for Adam. The rabbi's son, who's a friend of ours, accompanied us on guitar while we sang Bruno Mars' "Count on Me". We sang straight from the heart. A lot of people were moved by it, I guess, because we got a big applause when we were done, and Adam hugged us with tears in his eyes. !_!

The party was lots of fun! Everyone enjoyed themselves, saying it was the best Bar Mitzvah they'd ever been to. (I've been to a few Bar Mitzvahs in my life, and I would have to agree with them. ^_^) The food was a big hit. We still have lots of left-overs, though. *yum*
Sunday, 12 ~ Yesterday marked the second anniversary of me officially becoming a Blogger! Now that's amazing! ^_^

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Rainy said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!

(Ah, VENICE, my favorite, I dream of going there!)

I hope I see a Bar Mitzvah or the female equivalent someday. It sounds pretty dang special, and I love being open to these different cultures.

What a touching slideshow! So many memories captured by those pictures. A virtual life photo album.

I am loving BM.

Eh hem, and Happy 2nd Anniversary!!