Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010

This year seems to have been the best ever...
  • Joined Toastmasters. What an organization. I now have 6 speeches under my belt, I've made lots of lasting friends and contacts, and I've even become more confident and outgoing.
  • Met authors Jasper Fforde, Julie Andrews, and Suzanne Collins in the flesh!!!
  • Gave up on my Imazia novel, but received a huge spike in writing inspiration this year. I've started a poetry blog, plus came up with some great short story ideas.
  • Became friends with J. Scott Savage, having read and critiqued Demon Spawn for him. Great guy. AWESOME story!
  • Went to New York, and fell in love with Central Park. Of course, NYC was only on the way to...
  • Israel, where Annette and I got to visit for 10 days on the Taglit program. I made a TON of friends, and had awesome summer adventures galore! ^_^
  • Got a better grasp on the Hebrew language than I've ever had before. This was useful first for when I was in Israel, but then also when I had to study up for Adam's Bar Mitzvah.
  • Joined Facebook. 'Nuff said. ^,~
  • Turned most of my family's VHS home movies into DVDs. Yay! Long live memories!
  • Broke a Guiness World Record for Toastmasters! (Longest running speech-a-thon.)
  • Launched our Hebrew Bible website, Serve-A-Verse. Almost 1000 users registered so far! Hope to get more in the year ahead...
  • Saw Ringo Starr (an actual Beatle!) in concert with his All-Starr Band.
  • Took part in a YouTube project called "Life In A Day", which was lots of fun. We didn't make it into the final film, but it was still a great experiment.
  • Ate soup in a bread-bowl. Yummy!
  • Got my first mani-pedi. Loved it.
  • Had the best birthday EVER!!! Especially thanks to a certain friend's phone call. ^_~
  • Discovered charlieissocoollike, Nostalgia Critic, Extra Credits, and StarKidPotter, extremely wonderful, fun and hilarious internet video sites! Look them up! PLEASE!
  • Got hooked on Glee and became a full-on Gleek. 'Nuff said. ^_~
  • Invented Nacho Pizza. Yum!
  • Became a Cashflow gamer. (As of now, I am a level B2 player.)
  • Fell in love with many musical sensations, including Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and P!nk. ^_^
  • Had the best Halloween costume EVER! Mad Maggie, the Evil Scientist. Mua-ha-ha-ha! Plus I helped volunteer for our local Town Center party.
  • Learned about the It Gets Better project. I support it whole-heartedly. ^_^
  • Witnessed my brother become a teenager and a Bar Mitzvah. What a wondrous, awesome weekend that was.
  • Actually looked forward to and celebrated Christmas. Well, in my own, Jewish way...
  • Randomly started following Amy Rosenbaum's blog, the Simple Little Bookworm. She's a stranger who only began blogging days ago, but I think I will highly enjoy reading her future posts and book reviews. Hey, she made the Best of 2010 list! She's gotta be a good writer. Hi, Amy! ^_~

Books: Loads, which you can see in my (retired) Book Blog, but the very best ones this year I think were Shades of Grey (by Jasper Fforde), Moon Walk (by Michael Jackson), Morpheus Road (by D.J. MacHale), Scorch Trials (by James Dashner), and Ender's Game (by Orson Scott Card).

Movies: Princess and the Frog, Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton), Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, Eclipse, Grownups, Karate Kid, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1., and Inception.

Man, this whole list really makes me begin to wonder...

How is 2011 going to top all this?!?!?! O_o

Well, I'm sure it'll find a way, somehow. ^_^

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Rainy said...

So much better than my year, which was nothing but exasperating. Okay, maybe I'm just exaggerating. It wasn't that bad.

Record breaking awesomeness for the Toastmasters thing!

RIP Imazia and Book blog.

Yay for traveling and experience! Yeah!

Fun computer and friendship madness.

Special events and days spent.

. . . . . .

Nice list :)