Saturday, October 10, 2009

Michael Jackson + the Simpsons

Recently I've been going through another obsession phase with Michael Jackson. I think it began with my family starting a new tradition on Friday night, where my brother Adam memorizes a different song and performs it. He's picked a couple Michael Jackson songs, and he's really good at singing them! Last night he sang "Childhood," which is one of my favorites. Even cooler was the fact that our Uncle Danny was there to see him perform. He left back for Israel today.

On a quicky side-note, my sister and I also kind of performed. We memorized all the words to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," inspired by this emailed clip. Surprisingly, it wasn't too hard (considering that we've memorized such Animaniacs list songs as "Yakko's World," "Wakko's States and Capitals," and the "Presidents song" =P).

Anyway, back to Michael Jackson. I've reserved a couple movies and a book of his, and looked at his Wikipedia article, and seen various YouTube videos of clips of his live concerts. One particular thing I was surprised to read about was that Michael Jackson was once a guest star on The Simpsons, in an episode called Stark Raving Dad. Considering that I'm a recently converted fan of the Simpsons, I thought this was super awesome!

I couldn't find the entire episode on YouTube, unfortunately (I don't dare go back to the official Simpsons website, in case it infects the computer again!), but I was fortunate enough to see the 2nd and 4th part of the episode. I think part 4 is the best part anyway. You may not really know what happens before, but it has a LOT of MJ's voice in it, and it's a really sweet episode, so that's cool! All you have to know (for some background info) is that Homer got sent to a mental institution and met a guy who claims he's Michael Jackson. Having never heard of him, Homer dumbly believes it's him. It also happens to be Lisa's 8th birthday. Now please, watch the fun!

Wasn't that so cute? I don't know about you, but I loved Michael's voice-over work! ^_^ My favorite parts are when he hesitantly steps out of the car and people realize it's not the real MJ, and when he and Bart are making up the song for Lisa's birthday. Not to mention when they sing it for her. ^_^ I haven't seen a lot of Simpsons episodes, but I really like those tender family moments. Priceless. And it was funny when the guy changes his voice, and says he only speaks softly like Michael because it makes him less angry and more approachable to people. He he.

Now this is one vid that I particularly loved. I saw it before the Simpsons one, but I thought this should come after. It's a video where he sings "I'll Be There" with his brothers. It's so awesome, because I know and love the version when he's a lot younger, and even as an adult Michael still sings the song great!

Those high notes he sang near the end gave me goosebumps! And then he crouches down and covers his face. I think he got overly emotional and was crying. I almost cried myself. :,( But then he bravely gets back up and manages to finish the song, his audience cheering him on the entire time. Gee, what must have been going through his head at that very moment?...

I'm still very sad about MJ dying. ~,~ No matter how many times I hear his songs, or see his music videos, or am amazed by his incredible dance moves, I feel a pang of guilt and sadness. I wouldn't have a reason to be so rabid a fan if it weren't for Michael's passing. But it's still comforting to know that Michael still lives on in so many forms. In his music, in his pictures and movies, and in the hearts of his fans.

To conclude, here are the lyrics to a Michael Jackson song I recently heard, but never remembered hearing before. It was almost as if Michael was speaking to me with this song, leaving me another reminder that he will always be there. ^_^

Smile, though your heart is aching,
Smile, even though it's breaking,
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by,
Smile through your fear and sorrows,
Smile and then maybe tomorrow,
You'll find that life is still worth while, if you just...

Light up your face with gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness,
Although a tear, may be ever so near,
That's the time you must keep on trying,
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worth while, if you just.... smile. ^_^

I like it because in the very end, he's trying to whistle, but I don't think he whistles very well. It's so funny, because of all the great things he can do, the great Michael Jackson couldn't whistle. =P Ha ha.


Brian said...

I love the Simpsons!!!! Hilarious show!

Whoa! I just looked over at the Nanowrimo clock! Only 17 days!!! That was fast! I hope Jacoby gets home as quickly!

Magenta said...

Thanks for commenting Brian. The Simpsons clip was my favorite, I believe.

Yep, time is flying by pretty fast. Unfortunately, while NaNoWriMo is just a couple weeks away, Jacoby won't be home for a couple months. ~,~

Well, then again, maybe the NaNo writing fun will make the time speed up? I hope it does.

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