Monday, January 4, 2016

New things

It's a few days into 2016, and I've been wanting to get back into blogging for a while now, so I figured, why not start on the first Monday of the year?

There's a few cool ways I'm starting this new year:

A new haircut

Now you can really tell the difference between me and my twin sister. This new look makes me so happy! My hair is so much easier to maintain, and it's just so cute. Now I finally look more like my ponysona, Magenta Plume. XD
--- A new car
On the last day of the year, my family decided to buy our first electric car. It's a used Nissan Leaf, and it's easily the coolest vehicle we've ever owned. I can't wait to drive it around different places and not have to pay anything for gas!

--- A new obsession
About a month ago I started watching the YouTube gamer, Jacksepticeye, do a playthrough of the game "Undertale". Since he finished it (well, he still hasn't finished the "genocide" route, but he completed the pacifist one), I have not been able to stop looking for fan-made videos and comics featuring those characters! I just love the characters so much! Particularly the two skeleton brothers, Sans and Papyrus. Sans (the short one), is my absolute favorite (and I'm pretty sure he's everyone else's too).

It's not just the funny, lovable characters. It's also the music, the simple 8-bit style, just the concept that you can either fight the monster and kill them, or spare them and become their friend (because even though they're monsters, they're unbelievably cute ones! Really, you wonder why anyone would want to kill these characters, especially once you got to know them!)

Sadly for me, there's not many people I can geek out about this game with, except for one of my friends and my sister, who finally started watching the game at my recommendation. But recently I got inspired to write lyrics based on the game's music, and basically I've made a few little sing-a-long videos. I posted one of them on my YouTube channel so far, but another couple are waiting in the wings.

--- A new state of mind
My boyfriend of nearly 2 years, Jerome, recently left to study abroad in France. He's already been gone about a week. I miss him a lot, even though we still text and see each other by webcam. He's going to be away for 6 whole months... Which is hard to think about, because the longest we've ever been apart was never more than a couple weeks. So yeah, I won't be seeing my love again for about half of the year... Unless I can get myself a plane ticket to Paris and visit him for a while. That would be wonderful. ^_^...

Even though we're far apart from each other now, I still believe we can make it. Our relationship has just turned into a long-distance one, for the time being. Since Jerome is no longer around to keep me company during the weekend, like he always used to, I will just have to get out of my shell a little and do my own thing with other people. I really need to get out there and make more friends.

That's all I really wanted to talk about for now. Don't really have any resolutions to speak of. I just want this to be a good year that goes by very quickly... Hope to find time to blog again really soon.

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J.N. Future Author said...

I love your new haircut! It's beautiful ^__^

And I reeeeeeaallly want to play Undertale. I just don't have much time ATM XD

And I really hope it works out with Jerome! 2 years is a really long time to be together afterall!