Thursday, July 2, 2015

A clean slate

So I feel like I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping my resolution of writing a blog post for every week of the year. I want to get back to blogging a little bit, so here's what's been going on with me lately.

#1 - This last Tuesday I went to a group workout session with my dad and sister. It was outdoors in a park really close by us, and there were about 50-60 people there with us. We exercised for about an hour, and it was surprisingly a lot of fun! I've never been a big fan of exercise, but while I was quite exhausted, my body felt alive! Muscles I don't normally use are being put to work! That feels really good. ^_^

So I went to the other session again today. They do it Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I'm thinking I would like to make this a regular thing. I may already be pretty skinny and healthy, but maybe I can give myself some muscles or abs or something. :P

#2 - In the last few days, I feel like I have become something of a rising YouTube star. A couple weeks ago, while my boyfriend was out working at his job, I kept myself busy by recording myself as I reacted to the newest string of Steven Universe episodes, a mini-marathon, if you will. So finally, after editing my videos together with the actual episodes, I'm putting them up on YouTube, one episode a day.

I've posted 3 episodes out of 5 so far, and already I've gotten lots of views in a very quick time! I didn't publicize it or share that I'd done this with anybody, so I guess lots of random people are choosing to watch me as I watch Steven Universe. Which is incredible, because I don't think my videos are even that great quality! ^_^ It's just so awesome! I've even got people subscribing to me, and a couple comments here and there.

I'll post another one tomorrow and the last one on July 4th, and that will be the last "Steven Universe" video I'll post for a while, because there's no new episodes until the next big marathon in a couple weeks. I'd like to do something similar when that time comes, film myself watching these episodes for the first time. It's just really fun to think that I have an actual audience. ^_^

Here's my channel, if you'd like to check my videos out and see the nice things people are saying. ^,^

#3 - Yesterday I started reading this amazing book called "Second Chance", by Robert Kiyosaki. If you've never heard of him, Kiyosaki wrote "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and invented this financial education board game called Cashflow that my family used to play all the time, and he's one of my dad's (and in turn, one of my) heroes. In this book, he dedicates it to one of my dad's other heroes, R. Buckminster Fuller, who was basically the Leonardo DaVinci of the twentieth century, really smart guy with lots of great inventions and ideas.

So Kiyosaki talks about how Fuller's different philosophies changed his life, and how the country (and really the entire world) is having a whole financial crisis, and it all starts with how people are educated about money. When you really think about it, there isn't any good financial education in schools, so most people don't know how to get rich, so he's all about making humanity as a whole richer. I'm only on the fifth chapter so far, but I seriously think this book should be a must-read for the people of my generation.
So yeah, those were the top 3 things I wanted to bring up. I hope I get to blog a little more in this second half of the year (2015 is already half gone! Noooooo!!!) and that I keep on improving myself a little every day.
~Bettina out~

PS: yes, I'm posting this late at night. I really need to improve my sleeping habits... Or I'll just become a vampire girl. *in-joke!* *wink-wink* ^,~

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J.N. Future Author said...

1) Thats awesome! Exercise is amazing!

2) Thats awsome!! I bet you're really good at that! I don't watch Steven Universe, but I'll totally follow you to boost your count!

3) Always a reader ^_~ It sounds intersting, I'll have to keep it on my list~!

Haha, we will always be vampires ^_~ Even when I work super early in the morning I find myself staying up till 12-1 XD

Love you silly girl ^_~