Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Lonely Tree

Once upon a time on a starry night
There stood a tree that was quite a sight
It was rooted in a valley by a silvery pond
Surrounded by mountains from dusk 'til dawn

It's trunk was rough, it's branches were bare
It was strong and tall, but felt lonely there
The only living thing for miles around
The tree grew sad that the only sounds
It could hear were the rippling pond and the wind
Little did it know that new life would begin

For on that very night, for whatever reason
Birds migrated to that valley. Perhaps it was the season?
2 birds came and perched on that lonely tree
The tree was so excited it could barely breathe
One bird was yellow, the other one pink
They saw each other and they each began to sing
They sang of lovely clouds and what it was to fly
Their song was so beautiful, the tree could only sigh
The singing birds grew closer, continuing their tune
By the end they were side-by-side, gazing at the moon

The lonely tree was deeply moved by this touching scene
It began remembering olden days, when it was young and green
Even when the birds flew off, the tree was still content
It kept their song in its heart and was never lonely again.
This painting I copied around October 2014. Obviously I took plenty of artistic liberties with my version.  More wavy water, bigger mountains, starry night, the little birds. ^,^ Hope you like the poem.

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J.N. Future Author said...

So beautiful ^__^

When are we going to see more from this talented young writer?