Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wonderful work

So guess what I did for my work today?

I translated over 4,000 words from English into 18 other languages. In just one day! How did I do it? With a little bit of help from Google. ^_^

The things you can do with internet tools today is simply fantastic! Rather than hire several human translators to do such an enormous and time consuming job, we did it on our own, for FREE, and within a few hours!

All we had to do was make use of the GOOGLETRANSLATE function in Google Spreadsheets.

Usage: =GOOGLETRANSLATE(cell number,"from this language","to that language")

Example: =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A1,"en","fr") translates English into French

Take a look at the result!

Not only that, but we also translated over 2,000 sentences from popular children's books into all those different languages!

Now what makes this new skill of ours so incredibly exciting, besides proving how easy and awesome such a feat is? Well, all those words and sentences are a big part of our Reading Game on the site my sister, dad and I have been working on, Fun4Baby.com. I'm not sure right now how we'll manage to put them in, but with all this translation work, we have the potential to go international with our site! Parents all over the world could be teaching their children to read in their own language, not just in English!

So yeah, that's what I did today. ^_^


J.N. Future Author said...

Thats awesome! I never even thought that you could do that!! Thats amazing!! I really can't wait till you guys have a finished product and can start to effect the world!

Magenta said...

Thanks. ^_^