Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Little Avatar!

Maybe you noticed that I have a brand new profile picture? (No? Well I'm sure you're noticing it now! Hehehe)

Even though I don't have much reason to be, I've always been a little nervous about saying it... I'm a big fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I identify myself as a "brony". *blush* So yeah, when the new season starts, you will more than likely hear my thoughts about it here.

So a couple of weeks ago, my twin sister Annette (who is a slightly bigger brony than I am) discovered this online tool that allows you to design your own MLP OC (original character). With it, she created a completely unique pony to represent herself, our younger brother Adam, and me.

When I saw the pony she designed for me, I literally squee'd with delight!
Just look at her! She's sooooo cute! Her pink coat, her mane, her thick wavy tail, her freckles. She even gave me wings! My sister made me a freaking Pegasus pony!!! XD That is a Magenta if ever I saw one!

I can hardly describe what I felt when I first saw this picture, but it was like a shot of pure happiness. I know she isn't real, but I felt as if I were actually meeting myself from an alternate pony dimension. That's how spot-on I think Annette's design is. I couldn't possibly have designed my own pony better. ^_^

I don't think she'll mind if I post her other pony designs here.
This is what Annette would look like in pony form. She gave us similar tails and freckles so we could still be kinda twins. ^,^ It is obvious, though, that she's a different kind of pony, but that kind of makes sense with her personality, I guess. As an Earth pony, she would have her feet firmly on the ground, while my head is often in the clouds in my flights of fantasy. Lol.
The last one she made was of Adam, who is almost 17 already! His birthday is coming up pretty soon...

After seeing the ponies that Annette created, I decided to go on my own OC designing spree!
I based this handsome stallion on my boyfriend, Jerome. His favorite color is yellow, and I gave him wings so both our ponies could fly together. (In my imagination, of course.)

One of my other favorite cartoon shows is Steven Universe, so I decided to make pony versions of them for fun! (I made all the Crystal Gems alicorns, because of course they're that powerful! Steven is too young to have any powers, but who knows? He could be hiding a little horn in his thick, puffy mane, or wings under that cloak of his. ^,~)





No no no, please. You don't have to thank me for making you all look awesome. You are quite welcome. ^_~


J.N. Future Author said...

Oh my god!! Those are sooooooo freaking cute!! I could just die!! ^__^

Magenta said...

I'm so glad you like them!!! If I ever decide to make ponies out of other characters, I'll post them here