Friday, January 27, 2012

Scrabble Story

Annette and I played a game of Scrabble together last night (which, incidentally, I won. Lol), and when we were done I was hit by a great idea: make up a story out of all the words we played on the Scrabble board! So that's what I did. Even if this is really short and random, it was such a fun little exercise that I recommend you try if you want to get creative juices flowing.

Tell me what you think of this. Or better, try it for yourself! ^_~
WORDLIST (alphabetically): Ax, Barrel, Blip, Buy, Can, Chomp, Cop, Dove, Drain, Drained, Ease, Entire, Fair, Fate, Gasp, Got, Ha, Is, Jaw, Jeer, La, Legit, Lousy, Oh, Ox, Quilt, Smock, Sooner, Suited, Uno, Voltage, Wide, Wine

The ENTIRE BARREL of WINE was DRAINED within minutes. Big Jim let out a GASP, his belly WIDE as a pumpkin, his eyes slightly unfocused. He gave a LOUSY grin to the SUITED stranger standing over him. "HA, I told you I could DRAIN the entire barrel, didn't I?"
"OH yes, you certainly did," said the man. "Your claim was LEGIT, you won FAIR and square." He tossed a bag of coins on top of the overturned barrel.
"Haha, IS he a COP or something?" asked Jim with a JEER to the barman, who said nothing, but wiped a hand on his SMOCK.
In his head, the man thought, "I'd have been out of here much SOONER if I hadn't run into you, you thick OX. But I suppose FATE has GOT other plans for me." His JAW was set, like a horse would CHOMP at his bit. The man stepped around Big Jim with EASE and walked towards the door.
"Gary, CAN you remind me never to BUY another drink again?" said Big Jim in a drunken slur. With that, the fat slob fell instantly asleep, and the barman laid a QUILT over him to make Jim more comfy.
Outside the bar, the mysterious stranger made sure no one was looking before pulling out his dimension-splitting AX. He swiped the gadget through the air, tearing a hole through the fabric of reality and causing sparks of VOLTAGE to fly. On the other side of the newly created portal, buildings crumbled and alien-ships shot down high intensity laser beams in all directions.
"Ooh LA la," said the man to himself. "Looks like I'll have to watch out for nĂºmero UNO in this dimension."
Despite the obvious danger that lay ahead, the man DOVE through the portal with a laugh, and the tear closed behind him with a BLIP.

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