Thursday, May 13, 2010

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

Adieu, to you, and you and you and you!
My family and I are leaving tonight for our trip. It's so hard to believe. After months, weeks, days of waiting, a new adventure is about to begin. I do believe we have everything we need for us to start our journey. I'm excited! ^_^ But... I'm also a little nervous about the big unknown out there.

I'm familiar with the fact that we'll be road-tripping to New York. (I love taking road-trips. They're just the best. ^_^) Our flight is at JFK airport, and instead of Annette and I having to fly twice, we're going to drive with our parents and Adam to the NYC, and once we take off, they can keep going on to Boston, Mass. It's more convenient that way. Then they'll come pick us up after our 10 days are over, and we'll all come home, so we'll all have a mini-vacation, I guess.

What I'm really nervous about is what will happen when my sister and I say goodbye to our family and get on the plane to Israel. I have little to no clue what will happen next. Will we meet the people we'll be traveling with at the airport? Will I sit next to my twin Annette, or next to strangers on the plane? Will everyone be friendly? And when we get there, what is the very first thing we will do on the agenda? (I have a whole itinerary for the trip, but it's a bit vague. I think I might enjoy the first day, though, because it seems to involve rafting along the River Jordan, hiking, ice-breakers in the evening at dinner to start conversation, and things like that.)

The thing I'll really miss, though, is that I don't think I'll be able to blog throughout my entire trip. I will just have to take careful notes of the awesome things I do along the way, and remember to tell lots of stories when I get back.

I won't be leaving for several hours, so there's still plenty of time to shoot me a comment and wish me "Bon Voyage!" if you want to.

^__^ See you in two weeks! I miss you already. ^__^


Rainy said...

Hopefully I'm not too late to comment.

Have fun have fun have fun you guys!

(And keep safe!)

Deb said...

I know I'm too late, but happy trails! I hope you have an awesome trip. Don't forget to share the details when you get back.

Brian said...

Have fun!